Helping with a Difficult Decision

Giving up a dog can be a difficult decision and we’re glad that you’ve come to us. All of our dogs stay in foster care, living with our volunteers in their homes.  The dogs are treated as a member of the foster family while waiting for an adoptive home.  We screen our adoption applicants very carefully and would only place your dog in a home where we would leave one of our own dogs.

The surrender form must be filled out completely. This information helps us learn about your dog and to find the best possible foster home for him/her. Knowing about your dog’s energy level likes and dislikes, and the lifestyle your dog is accustomed to helps us find a foster home where your dog will adjust quickly.  We will need your vet’s name and phone number, and we will require a copy of the veterinary records before making a final decision on whether we can accept your dog into our program. We will also need a digital picture of your dog. You can upload pictures on the online surrender form, or mail them in if you choose to send in a hard-copy surrender form.

All incoming dogs are assessed prior to acceptance into our foster program. Your dog must get along well with people as well as with other dogs. All of our foster homes have other dogs and our applicants are looking for dogs with the typical friendly golden personality.  We cannot take dogs with aggression issues, but we are more than happy to provide alternatives or recommendations for trainers or behavior specialists.

The surrender process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. It starts with the surrender form, which can be printed if you do not wish to complete the form online.  The more information you can provide us, the more quickly we can make a decision regarding your dog. The surrender forms are checked several times daily and you will be contacted either by email or phone.

Please understand that you completely relinquish your ownership and all rights to your golden when to surrender it to Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Inc.

Fill-out the online Surrender Form.

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