Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue! GRFR is 100% volunteer run and wouldn’t exist without the efforts of literally hundreds of awesome volunteers.

Do you have some extra time and would like to volunteer for GRFR? There are many tasks to be done in order to find each and every dog their forever home. If you are interested in volunteering with GRFR, please take a look at some of the opportunities listed below. This is not all inclusive, so if you have a special skill and you want to help, just let us know! To apply, please fill out a volunteer application.

Foster Homes

We are always in need of foster homes for the dogs we rescue! If you have a place in your heart and home for animals, but you are not able to adopt right now, consider fostering. We know it sometimes can be a challenging experience. What you do matters, it is the first steps these rescue dogs get in order to find their forever family.

Event and Fundraising Volunteers

Do you enjoy socializing and attending fun events? GRFR is looking for volunteers who would like to help with upcoming events and fundraisers. We need people who are creative, social and out-going who are willing to take on projects from start to finish including research, planning, logistics and coordinating volunteers.

Home Visit Coordinators

GRFR needs volunteers to help set up and schedule home visits with new applicants. You can volunteer from anywhere in this role; home, cabin in the mountains, mom’s house, even Hawaii! This role requires some initial training, basic computer skills and a two to four-hour commitment each week. You must be a team player and also be able to work independently. People skills required as you will be talking with potential adopters. We have a great team of people to work with!

Phone Interview Volunteers

Did you know that GRFR currently has over 25 hopeful adopters just waiting for their telephone interview? If you enjoy chatting with people about their love of dogs and hearing about why they want to adopt from GRFR, this is a wonderful opportunity to help prospective adopters and our dogs. You can do phone screening from the comfort of your own home, in your slippers and robe! Please don’t make families who have recently lost dogs to cancer or old age wait for weeks before starting the process of finding a new companion to fill the emptiness in their lives. The more approved homes we have, the faster we can place dogs, and the more dogs we can save.It’s all part of the rescue process, and we need your help! Can you spare an hour a week?

Transport Help

Help GRFR dogs get where they need to go! The transportation team is always looking for help with getting dogs from one point to another. The majority of the time, it’s to take dogs from the CARE transport arrival to a foster home. We have a few mid-day transports where a dog will come in using another transport service. Sometimes, we need transport help with our canopy or boxes of supplies for events. Those transports generally have much more leeway in terms of timing. As with all our volunteer activities, you are never required to do a particular transport assignment. The assignments are emailed out to all our active transportation volunteers. If you are interested in doing one of the transport runs, simply email the coordinator back!

Transportation Coordinators

Help us make sure all our dogs coming in from out of state get to their destinations here along the front range! You will work with other transportation coordinators to get rides set up for dogs that need them. Because there are multiple coordinators, there is a built-in back-up if you will be out of town or otherwise cannot help with a specific transport. This position requires regular access (during your week of coverage) to email and the ability to log onto a web based e-mail account. You will receive emails from GRFR’s foster team and will need to work with the foster home coordinator to determine which dogs are being picked up by their foster homes, and which dogs need rides. You will send e-mails to our transportation volunteers to find someone who can drive the dog to their destination. Ideally, the transportation coordinator will be available to help contact ride-givers in the event the transport is late and to relay information from transport volunteers who may be stuck in traffic and late arriving to the transport. The job is shared between multiple coordinators, we normally run with five coordinators, so you would cover every fifth week or during the absence of another coordinator.


Foster Home Requests/Matching Coordinator

This is the heart of fostering coordination. It involves dealing with incoming dogs and the daily issues that occur with dogs in a dog rescue. There are currently four Foster Home Coordinators who deal with Foster Home Requests/Matching. We are hoping to have five, so each coordinator is only on call once a month and we will have a backup. If you are an organizer, love dogs, are computer savvy, and are willing to donate your time for a week a month, this may be the job for you.

Kennel Visitation

GRFR dogs who go to board and train, who need to be kenneled because they don’t have a foster home, or who are returned, usually go to Best Friends Pet Care in Wheat Ridge. We currently have one person coordinating this. But ideally, we’d have two more people who are willing to help out by visiting the dogs. This is a great way to get doggie contact without actually having a foster dog in your home.


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