may, 2018

18mayalldayThree Scoops of Vanilla Fundraiser(All Day: friday)


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Three Scoops of Vanilla Fundraiser

Three Scoops of Vanilla was founded with one primary goal in mind: to PAWSitively support as many animal-focused charities as possible!

I find myself learning about new charities every day. I am always so inspired by the incredible dedication of these devoted animal lovers and deeply desire to assist in their goals of helping a desperate being in need. In today’s day and age, it would be impossible for me to find the time to help all of the deserving charities out there, or would it? Enter Three Scoops of Vanilla.

I started my company with this goal in mind and Three Scoops of Vanilla was born. I assist these organizations by creating handmade jewelry, apparel, custom bracelets and other original artwork for non-profits to promote by hosting an online auction. The hosting charity then receives 20% of the total sales.


All Day (Friday)

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Three Scoops of Vanilla Fundraiser

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