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1. GRFR agrees to accept into the rescue program the dog described above.

2. GRFR suggests a donation of $25.00 if possible at the time of surrender to help defray the costs of the rescue service.

3. It is expressly understood by the parties of this Surrender Agreement that the Releaser voluntarily surrenders the above described dog to the rescue service free and clear of any claim of ownership and guarantees that no claim of ownership will ever be made against said dog.

4. Releaser represents and warrants the Releaser is the sole owner of this dog and has the full and complete legal right to release said dog to the rescue service. Releaser will provide any registration papers or medical records upon release to GRFR. Releaser provides full disclosure of all known information regarding the temperament, behavior, characteristics and medical problems and treatments of the dog per the above form.

5. The rescue service assumes all responsibility for the dog's actions after the dog is released. The rescue service agrees to hold releaser harmless for any actions of the dog after it is released to the rescue service unless there is an undisclosed history of aggression or aggressive episodes involving biting. It is mutually agreed by the parties that the only exception shall be if the dog remains in the physical custody of releaser as set forth in paragraph 6.

6. If the dog being released herein remains in the physical custody of releaser until such time as the rescue service finds a suitable home for the dog, it is understood and agreed that the dog is the sole property of the rescue service.

7. DATE effective as of the date set forth in the first paragraph of this agreement.

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