2019 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Freddy -- 2019-12-30

Freddy_1 Freddy_2

We wanted to reach out to let you know that we had to say goodbye to our amazing boy Freddy on Monday night. He was sweet until the very end, and was surrounded by all of us making sure he knew how loved he was. Our hearts are broken, but we are so thankful he was part of our family for almost 11 years. Thank you so much for all you do to place dogs with the right family, we will forever be changed because GRFR chose us for Freddy s forever family!

Hunter -- 2019-12-07


I know many of you worked to support Hunter, our dear setter mix, through chemotherapy and put him in our care. So I wanted to let you know that after many years of snuggles and giggles, he finally left us last week. A brave soul supported by a kind community of humans. Thank you, all.

Wally -- 2019-12-06

Wally_1 Wally_2 Wally_3

Wally bear, or Wallace as he was known at GRFR, crossed the rainbow bridge. I am so grateful GRFR and he chose me for his golden years, passing away at 14 or 15 years old. He was the sweetest old gentleman anyone has ever met. Every neighbor told him he was the neighborhood favorite. His final two years were filled with adventures, walks, and naps on his numerous beds and blankets. And of course, constant games of playing my shadow. I still feel him walking next to me as I move around the house.

Adopting a senior dog was the best decision I ever made, as Wally was the light of my life. My heart is still heavy yet full for every day I woke up to his sweet face, for almost two years! Rescuing a senior dog meant learning to live life on Wally time as Wally had bad arthritis, displaysia, and an old ACL tear, so walked very slowly. He couldn t really see or hear well, either. Through it all, he loved more than anything I ve ever known. You ll always be my sunshine Wally bear and I ll miss you always.

GRFR- Thank you for all you do

Jilli Bean -- 2019-12-04

Jilli Bean_1 Jilli Bean_2 Jilli Bean_3

In 2011, we adopted our dog Jilli Bean with the Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (GRFR) as a stray from Kansas. Jilli has been a huge part of our lives ever since. We promised GRFR to give her the best life possible and little did we know that Jilli would do the same for us. She taught us to: love fearlessly, protect courageously, lap-up nature, gobble with
gusto, and ease through pain. A few weeks ago she developed a runny nose which we treated for infection but later discovered was an invasive
nasal tumor that began to invade her brain. Jilli passed away peacefully on 12/4/2019 surrounded by her loving adopted parents. She touched the lives of many and her spirit will live on in those who knew her. We are forever grateful for GRFR in helping facilitate matching us with our treasured Jilli.

Hunter -- 2019-11-11

Hunter_1 Hunter_2 Hunter_3

Yesterday my family had to say goodbye to Hunter. He loved balls, stuffed animals, long walks, cuddle time, rolling in the grass, chasing rabbits, camping and putting his head right on your laptop to get you to pet him. We adopted him 7 years ago and he was the best dog ever! Thanks to your organization we were lucky to have this guy as part of our family and lucky enough to have him love us. He's crossed the rainbow bridge and is now chasing all the balls he can gather. He will be missed by all of us. Goodbye Huntie boo-boo-bear...until we meet again.

Snickers -- 2019-10-22

Snickers_1 Snickers_2 Snickers_3

We recently lost our beloved Snickers. Not only was he the most handsome boy but he loved his family with a passion that most cannot comprehend. Those eyes could melt me in a heartbeat. I will miss his greetings when I get home from work, he was quite vocal telling me how much I was missed. I will miss feeding time even more. He would bark and spin in circles while I was walking his food to his feeding spot. That tongue! Always sticking out due to his under bite. He will always bring a smile to my face. He taught us to love with passion " always.

Charlie -- 2019-10-17

Charlie_1 Charlie_2 Charlie_3

6 yrs ago we brought home this very scared 11mo old golden rescue named Charlie. He came a very long way, loved our unlovable cat and was
excited to meet everyone. He rode with me and went on hundreds of dog walks with other dogs. We're heartbroken to lose him after a very short
fight with mast cell cancer. Rest in peace my good boy, until we meet again.

Buster -- 2019-09-12

Buster_1 Buster_2

I received Buster Nov 7 2016. Had him 2 years 10 months and 2 days. I loved him so much, we started out as a truck driver team. We sold the truck and found working in Denver and a better home life. After not eating a vet visit, we found a large tumor mass on Sept 2, 19. After ten days, the pain was too much. My heart broke and miss my Buster so much. Not sure of his past but I loved him everyday he was a joy in my heart.

Sara -- 2019-08-01

Sara_1 Sara_2 Sara_3

We adopted our Sara (Emily) in 2009, and our lives would never be the same. She had the sweetest most loving soul and was always such a happy dog. She loved everyone and everyone she met fell in love with her! She was always
up for an adventure and as you can see she loved the water and snow! I love the picture of her with her older sister, this was the day we picked her up and brought her home, 10 years ago! We are so grateful that we had the
time we did with her and thankful to GRFR for allowing us to give her a loving home!! We have so many memories and miss her so much already! As with all dogs, she took a piece of our heart with her, but gave so much to our family! Until we see you again our sweet angel we will love you always.

Hailey -- 2019-07-10

Hailey_1 Hailey_2

We adopted Hailey/GG from the GRFR in October 2017. She brought immeasurable joy and love into our home. As GG grew in confidence with the help of her golden-doodle brother, Harley, her golden personality blossomed. She had many adventures and long walks daily but loved nothing more than relaxing next to our chairs under the tree or next to the fireplace in peace. She greeted everyone in the neighborhood with her infectious barking wiggle. She was so loved!

This summer she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After surgeries and an emergency trip to CSU vet in July, we brought her home to say
goodbye. With the help of Home to Heaven, she passed very quickly and calmly.

Finn -- 2019-07-03

Finn_1 Finn_2 Finn_3

Finn joined our family on June 5, 2011 when he was anticipated to be 2 or 3. My daughters and I had grieved for a year after losing our first
family dog, a wonderful yellow lab. I was fortunate to meet a GRFR volunteer in an exercise class. I still didn't feel I was ready to open my heart again but she encouraged me to apply so that when the right dog came along, I could respond. That was the best advice ever because shortly after, I saw a picture of
Finn at his foster Mom's and it was love at first sight. As soon as we met in a park, we knew Finn was ours. He visited our home to be sure he'd be fine with our cats and that was the beginning of a great love story. I'm sure you hear this all the time but everyone who met Finn told me he was something special. He had these soulful, healing eyes and I really believe we rescued each other. He was velcro from day one, when he had no reason to trust. I took great delight in watching his tail go from hanging low to his prancing gait with that tail standing tall! He was just the best boy ever, gentle with every human and while he enjoyed other dogs, he was really only ever interested in having people fawn over him. He saw me through my daughters going off to college and then filling my empty nest. He died very suddenly this past July 3rd. He'd just had his annual exam and didn't even have arthritis. However, there was a tumor lurking, likely spleen or liver, and it ruptured unexpectedly. Even then, he tried to do what I asked but when we knew his time was here, I cradled him for his last breath. I have been so lost and even though my brain knows to no longer look for him, my heart sees him everywhere. One day, after I am able to grieve fully, I would love to rescue through your organization again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful volunteer work you all do. Finn will forever be in our hearts.

Cody -- 2019-06-15


On Sept 6, 2013 I adopted this handsome boy Cody...he moved with me to the beach where he spent every day swimming and looking for interesting (and sometimes tasty) sea creatures...he was first my sweet foster boy and the moment he walked into my home I knew he would never leave...he was the perfect Golden...he never barked...he shed his beautiful fur like crazy...he loved squirrels and bunnies and he loved his Mom...I lost him this June to cancer...he spent his last days on the beach enjoying the breeze in his face and the salt on the air...and all his beach buddies...thank you GRFR for giving me this boy to love...

Cody -- 2019-06-10

Cody_1 Cody_2

To the Staff at Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue:

Just over 14 years ago I adopted my beloved pup from your organization - I think it was April of 2005. He came to you from Kansas with his
sister at about 5 months old, at the time they were named Bonnie and Clyde. We renamed him Cody, although I should have named him Lucky as I was so so lucky to have been his upright. I have had dogs all of my life but he was far and above the best. Very loyal, didn't need a
leash, playful, loving, confident, obedient, sweet. My kids, hubby and I have just adored him, but extended family and friends have loved him, too. We back to open space and he would go nose to nose through the split rail fence with the deer and stay so gentle, yet fought off more
than a coyote or two in his life. He lived a great life. We had to finally let this sweet boy go on Tuesday, at almost 15 years old, due to kidney failure. We are just heartbroken but have felt so fortunate to have him in our lives. It's 14 years later but I'm sending a big thank
you to your organization for allowing us to have the experience of him being a part of our family. It's going to take a bit for us to be ready again, but you can bet down the road I will be keeping an eye out for another wonderful dog from you guys that needs a forever home.

In loving memory of Cody .

Buddy Bear -- 2019-03-27

Buddy Bear_1 Buddy Bear_2 Buddy Bear_3

We are so saddened to have lost our dearest Buddy Bear. He came bounding into our home December 2008, and changed our lives forever! He was the best dog. A total goofball, full of energy, and lots of love and snuggles. He was also a great watchdog, and very protective of our family. We will miss him so much! Our beautiful best friend passed away in February 2019, and we were so lucky to have him with us for over 10 years

Sadie -- 2019-02-07

Sadie_1 Sadie_2

We are still very sad to report the sudden loss of our dog Sadie earlier this year.We adopted her as a puppy in 2009, and she was an important member of our family for almost ten years.Sadie was a great dog, loved to go on walks (especially on hikes with us in the foothills!), play in the snow, and just hang out with her people.We
appreciated the opportunity to have her in our lives and are still missing her "hugs".