2018 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Luke -- 2018-04-05


Unfortunately Luke Left us to go to the rainbow bridge April 5, 2018.
Luke was such a great friend and family companion. I got Luke right from the truck that came in from southern Missouri.
Both Luke and his brother Duke were on that truck. Both had heart worm, and Duke had badly affected ears. When Luke went in for his X-ray for the heart worms it was discovered he had a heart defect from birth. This did not stop me from adopting him and we had five great years together. I got Luke a Cardiologist after one year when he showed signs of distress on our walks, he would get a little wobbly. The cardiologist put him on pills for his pulmonary blood pressure and did echocardiograms on him every six months. he did fine on the pills.

Luke was very affectionate and would come over
to be pet, he also would clean Sasha s face for her, my other adopted golden. Everyone who met
him loved him. Both myself and Sasha miss him very much, however, he left us with many
fond memories.

Sophie -- 2018-03-26

Sophie_1 Sophie_2 Sophie_3

Sweet Sophie crossed to the rainbow bridge on March 26, 2018, just six weeks before
her 13th birthday. We adopted her in November of 2006 when she was just 1 1/2 years old and full of energy. She needed lots of exercise and we weren't sure we would survive the first few months.

When she came to live with us, that was the winter that Denver got 3 feet of snow and
shutdown the airport, it was very hard to get out and get any walks in. But we somehow made it through that time and once she was leash trained, Nancy started running with her. That as the best thing that ever happened to Sophie. She was a fast runner and never seemed to tire out. She loved her runs and was even still running, albeit not very far. She once ran 10 miles with Nancy in Frisco at 9,000 ft and didn't seem like she was tired. She needed lots of exercise and she never slowed down
till right before she died due to the cancer. When she was about 3 years old, I enrolled in flyball classes with her. She loved the running down the lane to try and beat the other dogs, but we didn't make it to competition because she didn't want to catch the regulation tennis
balls, only the soft squeaky ones. She loved soft squeaky toys, when we got her a new one, she squeaked it till the squeaker died, which usually didn't take that long, thank goodness.

We were so lucky to have her live with us for 11 plus years. She was the sweetest dog and had the most personality of all. She was just so full of life, even till the end, we were still walking 3 miles most days. She helped us fostering many dogs through the years, she taught many of the foster dogs how to play and how to be a good family dog. She also went
with me on many home visits for new adoption applicants, she was really good at checking out the back yards, other dogs and the whole house. She sometimes found toys that were hidden behind sofas and then started playing with them. She always brought a smile to everyone's face.

We are so grateful that she came to live with us and we were blessed to spend the last 11 years with her. She was a special soul and we are so much better for having had her in our lives. We miss her greatly, cancer took her way too soon. She was still full of life till the very end.

Thank you GRFR for letting us adopt her.

Romeo -- 2018-03-10

Romeo_1 Romeo_2 Romeo_3

We had to say goodbye to our sweet bumbling boy Romeo. We had him for just less than two years which, even though it felt like
forever, was still not long enough. He was put up for free on Craigslist in Texas and GRFR brought him to Denver.

We were going to foster him and find him a forever home someplace else, but as soon as he came into the house, laid down in the suite we set up for him, and started snoring we knew there was no way his forever home would be anywhere else but ours.

We knew from the beginning that our time with Romeo would not be too long, so we tried to give him everything we could. We let him see snow for the first time, took him hiking and let him swim in mountain lakes.

We found out his favorite food to beg for was pizza and he wasn\'t big on mornings. At the dog park he just ran from owner to owner trying to
convince them all to pet him, and after one look at his face, they all did.

On Valentine\'s Day, 2018 he was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and despite chemo and treatments for the symptoms, his health declined over the next few weeks. He still went on walks with us and begged for our
food when he was feeling well, and he never lost his desire to lean against your legs and get pets. On the 11th our big bumbly happy boy
wasn\'t himself and we had to make the hard decision to relieve him of his pain, but he smiled and radiated love until the very last moment.

We\'re sad now that he had to cross the Rainbow Bridge, but we\'re thankful forever for the memories of his happy face, his really bad
breath, and watching him bound through the snow to chase his favorite tennis ball.

Thank you to GRFR for allowing us to take Romeo into our home and spend all the time we could with him.

Winston -- 2018-01-11

Winston_1 Winston_2 Winston_3

Hello GRFR, I wanted to let you know that our sweet GRFR rescue Winston crossed the rainbow bridge. We had him for a little over two years. Rescuing a senior dog can be difficult but he was too sweet to resist. He was instantly my oldest son s best friend and he quickly became my therapy dog in my mental health practice. Not only is our family grieving his loss but all of my clients as well. We knew our time with him would be short but it was worth it and we would do it again in a heartbeat. We truly hope that we gave him a much better second half of life and we appreciate the work that you do that provided us with the chance to give that to him. Thanks again for choosing us for Winston, he will be forever missed.