2017 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Tasha -- 2017-06-06

Tasha_1 Tasha_2 Tasha_3

We wanted to let you know that Tasha 226-12 passed away on June 6th 2017. She was a very overweight senior gal when we adopted her. We
fell in love with her immediately and were happy to give her a loving home to live out the last years of her life. Through the green bean
diet she lost 40 pounds and was able to start going on walks. Her favorite thing to do was just to be next to us. She loved tummy rubs
and treats of course! We are so happy for the years we had with her.When we adopted her we weren't sure she would be around very long.
She proved to have a lot of fight in her and was a very happy dog. In the end the arthritis in her legs and congestive heart failure got the best of her. We feel the void deeply. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to take care of Tasha.

Dillon -- 2017-06-01

Dillon_1 Dillon_2 Dillon_3

Everyone thinks that they have the best dog, but WE did!

Mere words just can't describe the dog that Dillon was. He was such a happy guy, full of life, a goofball, and the best cuddler ever! He loved everyone, and anyone who ever met him loved him too, and wanted to take him home. When you looked into his eyes, you felt like you looked into his soul and he into yours. He loved life, and lived it to the

Thank you GRFR for bringing this amazing guy into our lives. We will forever miss him, and the joy that he brought into our home.


Mike and Cindy

Dug -- 2017-03-10


I was Dug

When I was six I found my way to the Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue. I came from Missouri, a very cold place in the winter. Before I made my journey to Colorado some surgery was done. I woke up to find a cone on my head and a very sore butt. I wasn't sure what the heck was going on. People fussing over me, telling me I was a good boy. Boy. That's what they called me. Just Boy. But much to my dismay, after the cone came off I realized much of my manhood had been stripped from me. I was in shock. What would the girls think of me now. I was so ashamed. So ashamed.

After I was feeling better, still humiliated, but better, I found myself on a long road trip to Colorado. I had no idea such a place existed. I was in a nice home, there were others of us there. We got fed and we played and I thought this was it. Heaven had been found.

Then they told me I was going for another ride. I got a bath and my teeth cleaned. My nails were trimmed and I looked pretty dang good. The ladies would love me. Off we went across town. I got out of the car and walked into a house where a huge black lab, named Tank, greeted me. We sniffed butts for awhile and then I realized his manhood had been stripped from him also. We both were like, cool, we're cool. And then we played and tore up every stuffed animal we could find. At some point, the person who brought me disappeared, I didn't even notice. I had a new mom and dad. And they were great. They said they'd call me Dug. I was Dug.

Mom was my favorite, don't tell dad. But she loved on me and sang to me. And always let me lick her plate. Tank got dad's. Guess he was his favorite. Tank and I loved to go for walks. Great places to poo out there. But mom always picked it up, yuck. So glad she didn't bring it home. The lake was great, there were geese to chase and muddy water to wade in. But Tank, this big black lab, was afraid of water. I'm like serious dude? You're wrecking this for me. Then I could hear the geese laughing. I showed them my butt and walked away, like me and my bro don't even care. Come to find out, he was afraid of the sprinklers too. Geez.

Tank got really old, it seemed overnight. He didn't want to play, just lay on his bed. So I laid next to him and chewed on his ears and face and he acted all tough like he was gonna bite me. I loved that old guy. He was my best friend. But one day he couldn't get up and they took him away. He didn't come back.

I was sad, my best friend had left. I got all the plates to lick. And all the stuffed toys to kill. But the walks were sad and I didn't even care about the stupid geese. Mom and dad knew how I was feeling and they had a surprise for me.

The door bell rang one day, I barked of course. And in walked this beautiful long legged black flat coated retriever. Our eyes met and we started playing like there was no tomorrow. It was like we had known each other our entire lives. Come to find out, she was from Missouri too. Coincidence? I think not. She was 4, a younger woman. Her name was Lola. Lola, Lola, Lola. My beautiful Lola.

We did everything together. We barked at everyone going by. We dug wonderful huge holes in the yard. We took every stuffed animal we could find outside and shredded them so the back yard looked like it had snowed. Lola was just tall enough to reach the counter, so she would bring snacks outside for us to eat. Life was so dang good. But for some reason our time outside in the middle of the day got shorter and shorter. They kept forgetting to take the dog door out. Something about complaining neighbors. I don't know. So my barking had to be done first thing in the morning, helping everyone to rise, and last thing at night. They yelled at me when I would do that, so I walked in thru the dog door like it wasn't me, must have been that stupid neighbor poodle. He barks all the time too you know. I'd just stroll over and lay down like nothing much had gone on. But, I think mom was on to me.

I loved the spring time when the yard was full of pink blossoms, yes I can see pink, and the flowers were popping their little heads out of the ground. They were so delicious. Mom would call this man called the Pooch Mobile. Although she never called him Pooch, I believe she called him Clark. Weird. But I loved him. He would take me outside into a tub and lather me up and wash every part of my body. Nice. And he gave me a cookie. For some reason Tank and Lola hated him. Not sure why, but it took 4 people to drag them out there. They were stupid. Maybe they didn't get a cookie.

Then I started feeling bad, coughing and having trouble swallowing. Mom took me to the Dr. He took some blood out of my leg, told me I was a good boy. Boy, I remember that name. My throat was swollen and mom and dad were very worried. They gave me medicine but it didn't help. I was so hot, I laid outside a lot. My last morning dad found me laying outside in the rain. He brought me in and wrapped me in a towel. I couldn't get up much so mom laid next to me on the floor. My boys, mom called them her grandsons, laid on the floor with me too. Mom and dad were crying, a lot. Mom gave me a cookie, but I couldn't eat it. Lola stole it. That's my Lola.

Mom and dad put me into the car. I couldn't even look out the window. We got to the vet and they laid a blanket on the floor for me to lay on. I was ready, ready to move on to where we all have to go, dogs know, it's ok. I wanted to tell mom and dad it was ok. I wanted them to know I'd be happy. The Dr. put something in my leg and a sharp pain hit my chest. For a moment I thought of Lola, my sweet Lola. And then a bright light appeared. I heard someone calling my name. I felt good again. I stood up, but mom and dad were still looking at me laying there. I wanted to lick them and let them know I was ok. Then they stood and walked away and I was free. I could hear the barking of other dogs. I could see pink blossoms and little flowers everywhere. So off I went. Free. Happy. And anxious to find out if the little flowers there were just as delicious as the ones in our yard, maybe even better.


Molson -- 2017-01-25

Molson_1 Molson_2

We adopted Molson back in 2008 (original name Rusty). He was the most amazing dog we could ever have asked for. Sadly, he had a very sudden turn of health and went to heaven yesterday.

Noodle -- 2017-01-17

Noodle_1 Noodle_2

It was 12 1/5 yrs ago and my good friend called me...she had just become a foster parent for GRFR and was excited to show me her 1st
foster. Fast forward 2 weeks, he was ours.. a gorgeous golden colored male named Noodle.
Fast forward 4 months and we adopted another completely different golden colored male named Peanut. My family and I now felt complete. I devoted my days around these two...each with different needs. Many challenging...as those of us with rescue dogs can understand!

My two golden colored dogs turned out to be...DNA tested, nowhere near Golden Retrievers. But this we knew...Noodle was a gold colored Pyranees mix and Peanut was a gold colored Brittney mix. I am forever grateful to GRFR for rescuing ANY dog in need!

We lost Peanut to cancer in 2014 and my absolute BEST FRIEND Noodle 2 months ago at old age at 13 . My heart is shattered and I miss them beyond belief. One day soon I will look at your adoption page but in the meantime, it is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank you GRFR for bringing me the greatest two joys of my life! ~ Judy W.