2016 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Hope -- 2016-12-31

Hope_1 Hope_2 Hope_3

My sweet girl Hope passed over the rainbow bridge this last December. She came into my life in March of 2014. She with her sisters Grace and Faith were rescued from a hoarder's home where they were all neglected and
possibly abused. When she was rescued she had been found stuck in a tiny closet, at first she refused to be around people and would curl up in the smallest spot behind the couch. She also had to be completely shaved down to get the mats out of her hair. The first two days we had together I spent the entire time sitting and sleeping in the room she had chosen until she
decided to warm up to me. Then we were inseparable and she completely changed. People often joked we should do the pet owner look a-like contests because we both have dark eyes, black hair and she loved wearing bandannas
around her neck that we would sometimes match up with what I was wearing.

She had the sweetest dog smile that everyone would comment about. I didn't know dogs could smile till her. She loved to be tucked in and snuggle with us and her little toy dog she would carry around everywhere and clean like
it was her own pup. She absolutely loved to watch Netflix and lay on her back. We would all laugh when she would lay down to eat and then lick the bowl clean. She would stare out the window for hours watching the world go
by. Her favorite thing was snow. It would be hard to get her back inside if there was snow on the ground she just would go roll around in it forever if we let her. She had more personality than some humans do! My world and
heart have a big hole in them now without my Hope

Maggie -- 2016-12-26

Maggie_1 Maggie_2 Maggie_3

With broken hearts, we had to say goodbye to our Maggie this past Monday. We are thankful for the long happy, healthy life she had and that she didn't suffer until her last day with us. Maggie joined our family in 2005. Mags was rescued from Missouri and our vet estimated her to be around 8 months old. We can still vividly remember when we first met her.
She can running up from the basement at her foster home and we took her on a walk and immediately knew she was our girl. We had to train her how to become an inside dog as she lived entirely outside prior to being adopted.
She was a sweet soul who loved to sit outside and watch the birds, squirrels and bunnies. The squirrels especially loved to chatter at her and tease her as I think they knew she would never capture them. During snowstorms she would sit outside and we eventually would have to call her in and brush off the snow that piled up on her and she enjoyed the coolness
on her belly. Mags enjoyed snuggling up in the family room with us and being a part of the action. Mags accompanied our family on many
adventures. Two and half years ago we adopted another Golden to keep Mags company and provide a family for another dog. At first Mags was not overly thrilled to have Sadie around, but quickly became a big sister to Sadie and
showed her how to be a dog and part of family after spending her first 5 years as an outside breeding dog. We are blessed with all of our memories and will always hold a special place in our hearts for Maggie.

Sweetie -- 2016-11-01


We sadly said goodbye to our "Sweetie". One has to wonder how a Golden could have the name Sweetie but it fit her to a tee. We rescued her at a Golden Freedom Rescue Adoption held on Valentine's Day in 2009. She had been found wandering the streets in Aurora and the Animal Shelter recognized the golden in her and she went to a foster home. They caller her Shirley as in Shirley Temple because she had very, very curly hair. Our Penny needed a companion and so she came home with us. We wanted a good name for her and finally came up with Lady Sweetheart, shortened to Sweetie because that is exactly what she was. Our veterinarian estimated her age at 7 so when she passed over the Rainbow Bridge she was 14 year, 8 months and 2 days old! WOW! She and Penny were best of friends, now they are back together having the best time playing like little puppies again. Bye Sweetie we will all miss you but me especially as you loved all the leftover vegetables I could find for you!

Watson -- 2016-09-22

Watson_1 Watson_2 Watson_3

Well, it came all too soon. Watson has been suffering from hip dysplasia for a while and two nights ago he collapsed, seemed to go into shock, could not be roused. So, Kathleen & I had to lift him into the car and drive him to the vet and be put down.

Our hearts are once again breaking.

We discovered he loved to be loved most of all. Our grand daughter who was 3 at the time they were last here would put ear rings on him, socks on his feet, hats on his head, and then simply lay on him for as long as she wanted to. He would not move he just adored her. And in the evenings he would often walk over to me as I sat in a chair and hold his paw up. He wanted me to just hold his paw. But, he loved it even more if I'd lay down on the floor and call him over to spoon with me.
It was very sad to say good-bye to Watson, but we wanted to thank you for bringing him into our lives.

Good-bye Watson

Maggie -- 2016-09-02

Maggie_1 Maggie_2 Maggie_3

Maggie came to us in 2004. A rescue from Kansas, she was billed as a "golden mix" - though we later learned she was a "flat-coated retriever." She was playful, loyal and incredibly sweet. Everybody who met her loved her - and she loved everybody she met.

Typical of flat-coats, she would "grab" people as a greeting. The more she loved you, the more she grabbed. Closing her mouth around your wrist or clothes, she'd drag you back and forth or into the room, while singing and moaning. (Years ago, when we returned from a month-long trip, she went on for several minutes this way.) The only way to distract her from the "grab greeting" was to tell her "go get your toy!" Then, she would race around the house, frantically searching for one of the many, which she'd stuff into her mouth, race back to the original scene, and continue to trot back and forth, talking.

Wherever we were, that's where she wanted to be. She would follow us from room to room, whining outside the door if it was shut, sitting or lying down, occasionally poking her nose under your elbow and pushing up (to remind you she was there). She would race down the basement steps and barrel her way into my office, if she knew that I was there. If outside, she would sit facing in, looking for signs that we were in the kitchen. When we were on the top floor (where she was now allowed), she'd lie with her chin on the bottom step staring up, waiting for us to come down. If the back gate was left open, she'd walk around to the front porch and wait to be admitted.

She loved to eat - anything. She would constantly scan the floor when we were eating meals, hoping that a crumb might drop. When we would cook, she'd stand right next to us - quick to grab or lick up accidental spills. She could barely be distracted from horse, rabbit or goose poop they were her favorites. And she'd do almost anything to get to a treat - including jumping over our irritable, stand-offish cat (who would periodically block her from going into the next room)!

As an older dog, she came to love rolling in cool, damp grass. She'd burrow her nose into a spot, scratch twice, flop over, and then wildly undulate back and forth with all four legs in the air, tongue hanging out, and a broad smile on her face. Getting up from a good roll or a nice dunk in cool water, she'd have a brief burst of puppy-like energy before settling back into her more geriatric pace.

Our dear Maggie died this past Tuesday. Even hours before her death, she enthusiastically greeted us when we arrived to bring her home from the hospital. She ate her dinner, sniffed around her yard, then lay down in the family room surrounded by the three of us, patiently waiting for the end. She lived right up until she died.

Maggie was the best, most loving dog that could have been. She helped raise our daughter, kept us company when we were sick or lonely, made us laugh, and filled our hearts with love. Even the twelve years we spent together was too short a time. We will miss her forever.

Helen -- 2016-02-29

Helen_1 Helen_2 Helen_3

GRFR Alum Helen (72-15) passed away on February 29th. She filled our lives with so much love in the seven months that she was a part of our family. Helen was deeply bonded to our children, sleeping in their room at night and waiting patiently at their door for them to wake each morning. She was loved & greeted by everyone on our block and she enjoyed playing with her stuffed animals, getting treats and taking her daily walks. Thank you for rescuing her and giving
us the opportunity to share the last months of her life. While our hearts are so sad and she is greatly missed, the experience of adopting
a senior dog was absolutely worth it.

Tucker -- 2016-01-16

Tucker_1 Tucker_2

We were fortunate enough to meet Tucker in February of 2012. When we met him at the park he had huge grin and wagging tail, two
characteristics he would always be known for. It was obvious he had come from a hard past but amazingly he was the perfect addition to our
family from day 1. Tucker loved both to be active outdoors, whether it was on hike, chasing squirrels or simply on a walk through the neighborhood as well as comfortably snuggling his family inside. His personality was so warm he created special relationships with many, many humans he met. He was a tremendously patient older brother when a new human joined his family. Tucker will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

Hannah -- 2016-01-15


Hannah joined our family in September of 2012. She was an 8 year old Golden transported from Kansas City, Kansas. What her life was like, or why she ended up in the care of the Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue is open for speculation. I can only attest to the time we spent together. Hannah was euthanized in January of 2016 after a massive stroke left her unable to lift her head or her body,; the emergency room vet saw no other option and no real hope.

Hannah was such a wonderful being. She was smart, and funny, and definitely knew what she wanted, when she wanted it, and how things were supposed to be. She loved everyone and was always there to greet a guest and ready to be the center of attention.

She loved swimming so we got her a small pool to use in addition to the pond and river on the property. One of her favorite "chores" was watering the trees and filling up the portable water tank. She delighted the workers when they would shower her with water after filling the tank.. And they were always disappointed if we ever came without her.

At first Hannah would pretend she wasn't supposed to be on the couch. As soon as the door opened she would quietly remove herself. Later, as her hearing wasn't as keen, we would often return to find her napping there. She stopped looking guilty after a few times when she understood we didn't care and were delighted to share our creature comforts.

Hannah would often come and join me on the ottoman I used while I studied. She would sit behind me or straddle it, forelegs on one side, back legs on the other. It must have been comfortable as she would stay there until I was ready to have a break.

I can't adequately express my gratitude for having known Hannah and sharing in her life. I loved her and always smile when I think of her. Thank you GRFR for entrusting her to my care.

Kona -- 2016-01-15

Kona_1 Kona_2 Kona_3

My husband and I adopted Kona from GRFR in January of 2006 when she was just 7 weeks old. She came in with a litter from Kansas and she just stole our hearts. This past January she passed away from cancer. Kona was a blessing to our lives and was the most amazing and sweetest dog. Thank you for rescuing her and bringing her into our lives.
Thank you.