2015 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Charlie -- 2015-12-21


In June of 2014 we started the process to find another Golden to be a companion to Sweetie who we had rescued in 2009. While recovery from cancer surgery my husband agreed to see Charlie. His foster Mom said he could not stay with us yet as he had one more appointment with at the Vet Clinic for an ear infection. The ear infection turned into surgery for thyroid cancer.

We knew we had to take Charlie because his cancer was found just by happen-chance the same as my husband's. Charlie came to us on July 13, 2014. What an impact he had on our family. He affectionately became King Charles to one and all. He would play ball by putting in his mouth and shooting it out and bark to have someone kick it back to him. Sometimes he slept till noon and only went outside 1 to 2 times a day. He loved walks, treats and always being close to my husband. He woke in the night and it was so obvious he had had a stroke. Charlie crossed over three weeks before his 13th Birthday. 17 months he was with us and my, what an impact he had on our entire family. Bye Charlie, we will all miss you.

Henry -- 2015-11-15


Henry was a great dog that unfortunately lived in a horrible situation before GRFR rescued him. I had him for almost 4 months and saw all of his issues first hand but also saw the good side of Henry. Once I gained his trust he bonded with me but unfortunately he was fearful of other people because of his past.

While I had Henry he experienced the following.
1. Multiple camping trips in my Motorhome. He was always copilot and my dogs understood.
2. He would always be waiting for me when I got home from work. Looking out the window and wagging his tail like crazy until I opened the door.
3. Henry was a grill master. If something was left on the grill he would make sure it was up to specs and tasted good.
4. He would sit on the couch with me watching football wondering why I was so interested in staring at a television.
5. Every morning he would make sure I knew immediately the location of his leash so he could go for a walk.
6. He loved his foster brothers Porter and Lucas and was comfortable around them at all times.

I am glad Henry at least had a few months of knowing what it was like to be a dog in a home that cared about him.

Gibson -- 2015-10-20


Sadly not all who are rescued can be saved.
R.I.P. Gibson.

Cody -- 2015-09-23

Cody_1 Cody_2

Our special Cody has gone to Rainbow Bridge. He had problems piddling when he was puppy, and was in GRFR for quite a while, He even graced the cover of the GRFR newsletter once! We rescued each other back in March, 2008, when he was 3, and we have been absolutely inseparable since then. He loved going for walks, chasing
deer and bunnies on our property, and running after tennis balls with his sister, Ruby, who is also a GRFR alum! When I found a job that would allow me to bring my dogs, he was the first one to come with me every day. I think
being together every minute of the day is making it that much harder for me to be without him. He was my constant companion, the protector of our other dogs, (and cats), and my best friend. I still call for him to go on
walks, and look for him in his bed, which was right next to mine, when I wake up. He was a gentle soul and had no enemies. My heart is broken.

Capone -- 2015-09-09


When Capone arrived we took him directly to Deer Creek as he had fallen in transport and had a fractured femur. Dr. Lupe did additional X-rays and noticed a mass that looked questionable. The radiology report confirmed that he had bone cancer. Amputation was not an option in this case and he was in a great deal of pain. The decision was made to let him pass peacefully. He was not alone but by the side of a loving GRFR volunteer. It is with sad hearts that we said goodbye to Capone before we could offer him a loving home and life. RIP Capone.

Dusty -- 2015-08-09


I'm so sad to tell you my beautiful Golden Girl Dusty who I adopted from you 7 years ago this month crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday. She was my constant companion & devoted friend. My heart is breaking right now but I know she was so loved & happy. You all did so much for Dusty before I got her & especially when she had to have life saving surgery to repair her diaphragm with an almost total artificial new diaphragm. You referred me to Deer Creek Animal Hospital who were able to save her life. So many wonderful people helped this happen. She is truly a "Miracle Girl".

She was a proud participant in the 2010 GRCA National Rescue Parade & still has her special blue ribbon.

Thank you for everything you do to rescue & adopt these amazing dogs. Dusty & I have been truly grateful.

I will be sending a donation in Dusty's memory. Thank you again from my heart.

Starla -- 2015-07-30

Starla_1 Starla_2 Starla_3

Just over six years ago we came to visit you to meet with Starla and excitedly brought her home. Sadly we needed to say our final goodbye on Monday, as although her mind was bright and her spirits still high, her joints couldn't sustain her anymore. We were (and still are) heartbroken, as that was the most difficult decision my wife and I had to ever make, but deep down we knew that for Starla's sake it was time to let go.

However, I don't want to focus on the sadness, because that just wouldn't be fair to her. Let me fill you in on the massive amount of joy
we shared together. First, she never lost her beauty, with that face which makes a heart melt, her cute pink nose, wonderful smile, and the softest fur to pet, especially atop her head. Second, like many faithful Goldens, she followed us everywhere throughout the house and outside.

She was very playful for quite awhile chewing apart stuffed toys and playing fetch, but till the very end she loved car rides together, our
frequent walks, and she kept her special quirks such as going through and under our legs to stick her head out and nudging us with her paw to request more petting. Also, we frequently took her on trips, including camp outs at Rocky Mountain National Park, going back to the midwest to visit family, and even an outing at the Broadmoor. Beyond that we often went to the park together and numerous events, as she
loved spending time around people and having kids come up to ask to pet her.

In February 2014 we welcomed our daughter into the world, and Starla was a superb big sister, absorbing the many annoyances that come with a toddler. Soon after we adopted her we found out that she had developed arthritis coupled with being overweight, as the former owners likely didn't give her the activity she needed. We kept her on a strict diet and walked her religiously twice a day, which greatly helped. However, the arthritis slowly came back and ultimately we put her on some medications. In
October 2013 we took her in to our vet because she had become very finicky about eating and we were informed that we needed to prepare to
lose her. My wife began cooking her food (meat and vegetables) and stopped her medication other than a glucosamine supplement, and she
bounced back. We feel so grateful for the extra 1 3/4 years that we ultimately spent together.

Altogether I wanted to thank you for bringing her into our lives, as she became a full-fledged loving member of our family. It makes us very appreciative of the vital part that foster families serve for GRFR.

Oakley -- 2015-07-15


We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Oakley. He was with us such a short time but the impact he made on our hearts and his "older sister, Sara". We are forever grateful to GRFR for bringing him into our hearts and our home.

Shadow -- 2015-06-29

Shadow_1 Shadow_2 Shadow_3

I first adopted my golden "Bear" from GRFR in 2003. He was around 14 months old at the time and had been through 3 foster homes.. When I
first brought him home he stayed under the table for 1 week. Just needed to trust I wasn't going to give up on him. He is still alive and well at 14 years old. He has a little limp but we go on walks everyday. It was because of Bear I adopted Shadow in march of 2009. He was between 8 or 9 years of age and was a spunky older dog . shadow passed on June 29 at 1040am he was about 15 years old. He was unable to walk or lift his hind legs at this point but still lifted his head up to say good morning

I am writing this is for 3 reasons. To honor the awesome gift Shadows life was to both Bear and I, to encourage people not to be afraid to
adopt older dogs, and to move to the next stage of my grief in losing Shadow.

While Bear was always a little standoffish at first, Shadow was right in there with you.

This was Bear and Shadow on a ride back from a hike in 2009. Shadow new what he needed and that need was affection. He buried his nose wherever and whenever he needed it. Shadow really celebrated his life. Everything was an adventure for him.. it could be a walk, a treat, a hug, or his most favorite time.. food!

For me the most difficult decision is whether or not the time is right to help your loved companion to transition from this place. I have done this 3 times and it never gets easier. I think you just have to be open to listen with your eyes, ears and your heart. For me there is always doubt but this is just because I care so much for my companions. I work in human medicine and I can say it is a wonderful gift to be able to give your loved one a release from pain. I used "Caring Pathways" when the time was right and I was able to be with Shadow in our home when he died. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins lymphoma in 2011 and both Bear and Shadow where my spiritual care givers. They did not care how sick I was..they were always there. I can't imaging not being there for them.

Bear and I celebrated Shadow with a swim in the mountains.

As for our grief. Bear and I are moving slowly forward we still have Shadows things out in the house. Bear often frequents shadows bed, as do I.

I don't have any great words of wisdom, and no favorite poems to share.. just that I love you my friend and you will always be in my

My buddies forever

Charlie -- 2015-06-14


Charlie, who we adopted from GRFR 8 years ago, passed away on June 14th at the age of 13. The day that Charlie came into our lives he was 5 years old and 25-35 pounds overweight and not even able to jump into our car because he was so obese. It took a lot of work, walks and green beans but we whittled him down to size. One unexpected trait of Charlie's was that he was a "smiler" which in the beginning we mistook as aggression but quickly learned that it meant he
was happy and excited. Usually he would do it when we came home from work and we loved it.

Over the years we learned that Charlie was a lot smarter than we gave him credit for and he learned how to sit, speak, shake, lie down, stay, and "pretty" which is the photo that we attached.

He loved rolling in the snow as you can see. He never was much of a "retriever" but would carry shoes around in his mouth. He was the happiest dog we have ever met and we included him in everything we did.

The day before he passed we had a huge BBQ and all of our friends were giving him pets and belly rubs. Which was the best possible weekend he could have had. He loved everyone and 8 years
with Charlie honestly flew by. Thank you for bringing him into our lives.

We miss Charlie's sweet smile so much.

Birdy -- 2015-05-09

Birdy_1 Birdy_2 Birdy_3

With great sadness, we share the news that Birdy (Brittney 52-08, adopted February 2008) passed away on May 9, 2015. She was our constant companion and brought only joy to our lives with her gentle, sweet and loyal nature. She was loved by everyone who knew her and she is deeply missed by all of us, including our family cat who is forlorn without his
best friend.

We are so thankful to GRFR for rescuing her and giving us the chance to share the past seven years with her. She will be in our hearts forever.

Riley -- 2015-03-17


I adopted Riley from your Rescue in 2007. He died a tragic death on March 17, 2015 and I wanted you to know, to also help share his story and raise awareness of Pet Travel Safety, especially on airlines.

Below is a petition I created to raise awareness.


A Facebook page Justice for Riley was also created also a GoFundMe pageJustice4Riley

A month after I adopted him, he got Parvo and GRFR assisted me financially to keep him alive and recover. I can not thank you enough for that assistance. Riley became the most amazing dog and my best friend. He lived a happy, healthy life and just recently starred in a feature commercial and National Campaign for Blue Cross Rescue in England!! This happened two weeks before his death and I hope he raises a lot of money for that organization.

Thank you for what you do. You gave me such a special gift.

Isabella -- 2015-02-15

Isabella_1 Isabella_2

You are with the Angels and forever in our heart.

Bear -- 2015-02-15


Last week our beloved golden retriever, Bear, lost his battle with cancer. GRFR brought Bear into our lives in August of 2010. He was the
first dog for the majority of our family members. With your help, he won't be our last!

The four and a half years that followed brought us mutual joy. We learned to control his food allergies through a strict diet. Managing
his seasonal allergies became his mom's part time job. Slowly all of the beautiful feathering returned. The raging ear infections quieted
and he was healthy and strong.

In his spry heyday, Bear joined our family on road trips to the ocean, camping excursions, hikes in the mountains and swims in the reservoir. When his dainty peers abandoned fetching mid game. Bear would swim to
shore with as much collected gear as his jowls would allow. The record stands at two tennis balls and a three foot long stick!

Bear loved the car. He gladly joined the carpool circuit. All of the athletes soon learned to save him a seat.

The only thing he enjoyed more than car rides (and eating!) was receiving gifts. To see a powerful 95 pound dog gingerly unwrap and de-tag all of his holiday gifts made us all smile.

Velcro dog extraordinaire, Bear was never more than a few feet from the family action. Whether it be resting at someone's feet or "helping " to cook dinner by sleeping in front of whatever appliance was in demand, Bear was omnipresent.

We know that we will never find another Bear. However, when our hearts heal, we would love to work with GRFR in a foster to adopt capacity.

From the bottom of our broken hearts, thank you for connecting us with such a magnificent creature. We appreciate the service you provide and look forward to working with you again.

Chloe -- 2015-02-05

Chloe_1 Chloe_2 Chloe_3

Chloe passed away on 5 February 2015, most likely at an age around 10 or 11 years and after just over two years in her Forever Home. Chloe was GRFR Dog #3 for her Forever Home family and passed just under three weeks after the loss of GRFR Dog #2 (Red). She is survived by GRFR Dog #1 (Sadie). Although saddened by the necessity of saying goodbye, Chloe's family nonetheless feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch Chloe transform, both physically and behaviorally, from a nearly shaven, overweight yet fragile-looking swayback into a tall, long-haired beauty capable even of leaping over a (very short) hedge! It was almost as though Chloe realized that she had a chance to make up for lost time - always preferring to be out of doors over remaining inside. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, she would stare excitedly at her leash hanging in the garage in the hopes she would be taken for yet another walk. Throughout her time at her Forever Home, Chloe inspired her family with her courage and positive outlook. According to her GRFR bio, Chloe was best placed in a home without many stairs - which worked at her Forever Home given a first-floor master bedroom. However, even until her last weeks, Chloe insisted upon sleeping in children's bedrooms located on both the second floor and in the basement. On many nights, she could even be heard navigating the stairs (with her giant forepaws!) in her unique switchback manner so that she could visit people sleeping on all three levels of the house. Behaviorally, from a dog who once preferred staring at comforting corners in the kitchen (likely as a mechanism for quieting her busy surroundings amidst six humans and two dogs), Chloe turned into a family member who sought attention - especially from children who took endless photos of Chloe's various alter egos: Cartoon Face, Rabbit Dog, and Beetle Dog - and occasionally the EXCEPTIONALLY rare Rabbit Beetle Dog with Legs Up the Wall pose! Clearly, Chloe will be missed.

Maggie -- 2015-02-02


I adopted a 9yr old golden from your rescue a little over 5 years ago named Maggie and she had to cross the rainbow bridge this past February. She had a great 5 years with me and was the best golden I've ever had. She was so happy and gentle and became quite the traveler. She still played like a puppy even at 14 1/2 years old. Right up until the end. I will miss her terribly.

I just wanted to thank you for allowing her to be in my life. I never thought I'd have her for 5 years, and I'm so thankful I had the chance.

Trooper -- 2015-01-20

Trooper_1 Trooper_2 Trooper_3

On January 19, 2015, we said goodbye to our beloved Golden Retriever,

Most kids ask for a dog when they are growing up. Since I was little I
didn't want just a dog...I wanted a Golden Retriever. In 2008 I was a
divorced single parent with many reasons why I didn't need the added
responsibility of taking care of a dog. But some decisions are best made
with the heart and Trooper was the best "bad" decision I ever made.
GRFR made a dog and a family very happy.

He was my first dog and our first dog. My kids, my girlfriend (and now
wife) all fell in love with him too. He was more than I ever dreamed my
Golden Retriever would be. The only dog I've ever known who purred when
he was happy. Who would go outside at night through his doggy door for
his "evening bark" and who barked inside the house maybe twice -- ever.
And he was wise enough to realize that all he had to do to beg was sit
and look at you with those beautiful eyes.

I never had a dog growing up. And now I realize more than ever why they
are so special. They remind us of the best parts of being human. And
their short lives remind us how short life really is, even for us

Trooper... I want you to know that writing the check, filling out the
papers, so you wouldn't have to suffer any longer was the hardest thing
I've ever had to do. I will miss you so much. We all will miss you so
much. Thank you for being such a great friend and, in many ways, the
best person in our family. Say hi to Payton and Hope for us. I know
you're in a better place. Love you... The Gold Family.

Red -- 2015-01-17

Red_1 Red_2 Red_3

Sadly, Red passed away on 17 January 2015, at a mere age of nine years and after six wonderful years in his Forever Home.

Half seriously, Red nearly missed the cut at his Forever Home. Entering a house with four young children and a five year-old GRFR dog (Sadie), three year-old Red Dog was supposed to be easier on his new family than a 'true' puppy. The problem was that Red was WILD! Transported from his original Kansas home, Red was clearly accustomed to sprinting out open doors whenever the opportunity presented itself - usually when one of his caretakers was running late for an appointment! Further, given the amount of testosterone clearly latent in his system, he appeared to have been neutered about ten minutes prior to arrival at his Forever Home - which caused him to act more physical than Sadie appreciated. His family considered that his adopted name had been shortened from the more eponymous 'Redneck.' Nevertheless, Red was a beautiful dog with an endearing smile that soon won over all around him. Eventually, after briefly considering the option of enrolling in a prison training program, Red's Forever Home invested significantly in work with a Dog Whisperer and improved fencing infrastructure. Over the balance of his stay, Red returned the favor by becoming a focal point in the family pack. In all seriousness, Red became an INCREDIBLE companion whose humorous traits brightened the lives of all around him, be they canine siblings, human siblings, parents, or grandparents.

That said, it is important to note that Red was a true scamp and not above playing practical jokes if at all displeased with his treatment. When human pack members were forced to leave him behind, he was apt to express displeasure by placing waste-basket material in various strategic locations to await his family's return. He would also choose such times to counter-surf for bread, nuts, butter, Easter candy, and grapefruit. Red then greeted his humans with guilty grin and hooded eyes. Punishment was swift and invariably in the form of a pat or a hug.

Other fond memories of Red include vigilant passing of the time in "his" leather chair, being a Mama's Boy, Superman, kick-boxing, hunting rabbits, wrestling with Sadie, avoiding the swimming pool in favor of fetid canal water and fenced-off ponds, playing with Bear Head or Mr. Bill, and smoking cigars (aka rawhide rolls). When going incognito, Red was El Rojo; in rare moments of sophistication Red was Rouge. Regardless, he was a lovable rogue with an over-sized personality that will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Tucker -- 2015-01-16

Tucker_1 Tucker_2

We were fortunate enough to meet Tucker in February of 2012. When we met him at the park he had huge grin and wagging tail, two
characteristics he would always be known for. It was obvious he had come from a hard past but amazingly he was the perfect addition to our
family from day 1. Tucker loved both to be active outdoors, whether it was on hike, chasing squirrels or simply on a walk through the neighborhood as well as comfortably snuggling his family inside. His personality was so warm he created special relationships with many, many humans he met. He was a tremendously patient older brother when a new human joined his family. Tucker will be greatly missed but never forgotten.