2013 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Buster -- 2013-12-22

Buster_1 Buster_2 Buster_3

On December 22, 2013 we lost our beloved Buster to a blood clot to his heart 3 days after he had a splenectomy because of large mass. Come to find out he had a very aggressive cancer that had already spread from his spleen to his liver. He was only 5 years old which just blows my mind that we had to let him go so young.

My husband surprised me with Buster a little over 2 years ago for an early Christmas present and after we had to say goodbye to another rescue Golden we had for only 2 years. He was by far the best gift I have ever been given and am so happy we got to spend the time we did with each other even though it wasn t enough time.

Buster was a very unique and special boy. He had the best temperament and was so compassionate and loving. My husband and I own our own company and we took him to work every day with us. He became a very large part of our company. He loved car rides, walks, playing in the snow, chasing bunnies and squirrels, cuddling, begging for food and boating.

One of his unique things about him was his hair on his head. Everybody would style it everywhere we went. He just loved it as long as someone was touching him. He would greet everyone and every animal everywhere we went. If he didn t have their attention he would nose butt them until they gave him the attention he wanted. If he had their attention then he would give them his paw.

Thank you GRFR for your support and allowing us to give Buster the life he much deserved and for bettering our lives. I am confident these 2 years were the best 2 years he ever had.

You will be missed by so many people and animals and have made an impression in so many people s lives. Life without you will never be the same especially, home, work, car rides and boating. We miss you dearly as well as our cats Oscar and Milo! Till we meet again

Bridget, Greg, Oscar and Milo

Dusty -- 2013-12-22

Dusty_1 Dusty_2 Dusty_3

We met Dusty (Scotch, Cooper….) a couple of days before Christmas of 2011. His family contacted GRFR and said that they wanted to have him gone by 5:00pm that night, or they were taking him to the Humane Society. Because we lived close by, we were contacted to see if we could pick him up and take him to Denver to his foster mom. This wonderful, terribly skinny guy jumped right into my car with his bed and a little food and was ready to begin his new adventure. We kept in touch with his foster mom, and after a couple of weeks we decided that he belonged with us. So, he made the trip back to Northern Colorado again, and completed our family of four GRFR dogs. He was diagnosed with bone cancer in May 2012 and had his front right leg amputated. The day after the amputation we went to pick him up from the vet and he JUMPED into the back of the Chevy Tahoe as if there was nothing different. He was the fastest and happiest 3-legged dog EVER! One of his MOST favorite things was riding in our golf cart. As soon as he heard it coming out of the garage, he’d be laying on the floor in it. He also loved his stuffed toys and would swing them around in a circle and throw them up in the air. His cancer returned in May of 2013, in his back left leg this time. We decided that we couldn’t make him a 2-legged dog, so we just let him live his life. For the next several months, he amazed us and all who saw him, at his spirit and determination as he was the fastest and happiest 2-legged dog ever! He never knew that he was “disabled”. Almost two years to the day that we first met him, we had to let him cross over the Rainbow Bridge, as the cancer was getting the best of him. Dusty brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! What an amazing spirit he had! Thank you GRFR for giving us the opportunity to share in his incredible life. He taught us so much!

Frannie -- 2013-12-04

Frannie_1 Frannie_2 Frannie_3

On a sub-zero pre dawn morning as the snow whirled around her like a Golden snow globe, the full circle of life called out Frannie s name. I anxiously watched as she struggled to raise herself up to a nearby snow bank only to nose dive into a fresh drift to make snow angels one last time. Fran has always been so happy, so appreciative of life, and of all of those who traveled with her on her journey. This morning would prove no different. Fran would choose to depart on yet another new adventure. She would leave behind her pain in the angel indentation she had made so happily moments before and as the new snow filled it in the pain would disappear forever It has never become so apparent, until now . Our house filled with the deadening silence of the absence of a Godly creature larger than life itself. I ask myself how one senior girl could make such an impression on so many in this world. How could one Girl have changed the lives of everyone she met so positively? Well if you had the privilege of meeting Frannie AKA Hanney you would understand. Fran was totally in control of everything in her life including us and Fran was the center of our universe. Her previous life included many challenges including the removal of an 8 inch stick embedded in her side and wearing braces on her front legs. Fran took it all in stride and made everyday a beautiful day. During the 3 years we were blessed to have Fran in our lives she had become an icon to all that knew her. At the dog park she was known as the Wal-Mart greeter. All had to pass her to enter and SHE would determine if they could come in. It was amazing how all the dogs would respect her. Her aura was truly Golden. They would come up to her as if she was on a throne and drop tennis balls at her paws as if to give the Queen gifts. Barking orders she would make it known if rough play was to be ended and if it was time to settle down. Fran loved to travel and was nicknamed Dora the Explorer, always checking out something new, always choosing to take off from the beaten path. In fact a doggy psychic who read Fran said she was lost many times in the past because of her choices to explore the other side of the fence. I still remember when the psychic said her previous name was Daisy, Frannie barked at her and licked her hand as if to say..Someone finally speaks my language! Fran was famous for many things, Miss October in the GRFR calendar, having her portrait done and hung at CRCG, her ever loving Friends who cherished her so much that they called Fridays at doggy day care Frannie Fridays! Fran was a master of reinventing herself she began reading Doggy Tarot cards for charity and was known as the Fabulous Fortune Fran, it was rumored that she studied under Nostra dog mus!. She had recently started her own FRAN club and was planning a reality show K9 to Five the house dogs of Cody these bitches will keep you in stitches! Fran also had planned to go on tour next summer, visiting her network of golden friends in Colorado and beyond. Fran was also famous for some not so complimentary things her magnitude 10 dumps. Nothing lady like about them and her ability to scrap with the big boys. Just ask Cousin Ed Uchida! Neighbors called her the Gladys Kravitz of Dogdum (Bewitched fans will understand) Nothing got by Fran the nosy neighbor! Just last month Fran held her 14th Birthday bash and amazed everyone with her tenacious spirit. We will always remember the red angry bird toy she carried around with her everywhere like a security blanket. Fran was adored by her Golden angel brothers Frankie, Freddie and Buster who were waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge with open paws. Fran gave us so many incredible things in the short time she was with us, especially the friendship of her Foster Mom and Dad, Melanie and Scott. Only they could understand the power this girl had over us.
Thank you GRFR, Golden friends and family for your love and support over the years. Fran will live in us always as a shining tribute of all senior dogs everywhere.
With dignity she stood up one last time to start her next life s adventure.

Zoey -- 2013-12-03

Zoey_1 Zoey_2 Zoey_3

Zoey was 11 months old when she joined me. She quickly won my heart - my sweet-pea. She loved going on hikes, playing with all of her dog friends and cuddling with me on the couch. She would greet all friends, furry or not, with a woo-woo. Everyone one loved her...she was an exceptional friend.

Zoey was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia - 8 days before she left me. I was not prepared to let her go...but she declined so quickly - I had to let her go. I miss her so much.

These photos were taken by Susan Goddard.

Zander -- 2013-10-17

Zander_1 Zander_2 Zander_3

Zander " short for Alexander the Great came to us 9 years ago almost to the day. He was a lanky silly 10 month old pup named Xander. He was thin, but so sweet and wanted a forever home. On his visit he wanted to befriend the kitty right away and prove to me that he needed to be with us. It didn t take but a minute to realize it was the right fit, for all of us. My daughter Leighona and I picked him up a few days later from his foster mom. The moon was full and beautiful, it was the Hunters Moon. Zander left us on the eve of this year s Hunters Moon, Thursday October 17th.
We changed his name slightly from Xander to Zander short for Alexander the Great. He will be forever Zander or Zan .
He was so silly, and lived such a wonderful life. There was not a day that went by he was not out on a walk most days twice a day. He became such an old pro and was a pleasure to be out with. Although he never was much of a car guy, he got very nervous when he had to go for a ride. He realized I was always with him, and if he did stay at the groomers for a few hours I was always there to get him. He loved coming home with a beautiful groomed coat and a peppy new scarf to show off with. He made friends where ever he went.
He loved to dig, and I let him He dug to entertain himself. Throwing dirt behind him and spinning to chase it, just once hoping to catch it as it flew through the air. He would bark at that dirt as if he was having a stern conversation with what we called his dirt gnomes, they never cooperated with him and he just dug deeper or would find another place to dig. The yard looked like the moon, but he was happy.
He loved it when my husband Ross traveled. (Which is a lot) as he would sleep in bed with me, on Ross s pillow all night, Cuddling sometimes if it was chilly.
This July he was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine, affecting his mobility. They said he would be with us max 3 weeks; we had him almost 4 months longer. With the help of some herbs from a wonderful company in Arizona Bailey s Blend. Med s and good food- helped him out this past four months. It was not long enough but I am grateful to have had him with me for a little longer. He was my constant companion. My confidante, my boy, I will miss him tremendously and the paw prints that he left on my heart will always be there.
I am lucky to have met a friend of the rescue at my part time Job. Konnie- who is a foster mom, and now has two lucky guys that can call her mom BEN & CODY. Thanks Konnie for your love, friendship and support these past four months.

Sugar -- 2013-10-03

Sugar_1 Sugar_2 Sugar_3

Dear GRFR Friends,
Thank you so much for your sympathy, understanding, and support. Thank you for bringing Sugar into our lives, and being there for her and us every step of the way. She was a pure and gentle spirit - beautiful inside and out. We loved her a lot and our hearts are broken. We miss her very much and we will never forget our precious girl.

You all know that Sugar arrived horribly matted and greatly in need of some TLC, including a full body shave. That made her feel better right away. Then she developed pneumonia, but she responded well to the medication and treatment. She seemed to be getting stronger and happier every day. Her coat was growing back and we were really looking forward to seeing her full Golden coat this winter. We truly thought she might be one of those miracle Goldens who live to be 16 or so. The bloat that took her life came on so suddenly. The vet said her stomach was badly turned and we knew she was too fragile to survive major surgery. We let her go over the rainbow bridge where she can run, play and be a puppy again.

Sweet Sugar delighted in the simple pleasures of life - a gentle touch, a warm hug, a short walk, a comfy bed, a good meal, and a loving family. She brought us much joy and love in the five short weeks we had her, and we consider ourselves her "forever family." One of our favorite memories is the "happy dance" that Sugar would do at mealtime, and she did it just for me when I got home Thursday. On Tuesday, Oct. 1, we took the dogs and went for a drive in the mountains to see the fall colors. We all had a great time and we took lots of pictures. Sugar had fun with Woody and Claire, and she even went wading in a shallow stream. I am attaching a few pictures from that wonderful day. That is how we will remember her. Don and I both knew that we could never give Sugar up to another adopter. We just thought we had more time to make her officially ours.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!
Mary, Don, Woody and Claire

Buddy -- 2013-08-29


Dear Friends at Freedom Rescue,
We lost our best friend "Buddy" (57-05) to cancer on 8/29/13. He was diagnosed one week before and we were able to keep him comfortable at home. Our other golden, "Alex" (18-11) as with "Buddy" by his side when he died.
Buddy loved to hike, take long walks, swim, and going to work every day. He lived his life to the fullest and never stopped wagging his tail. He was a very happy Golden and a very big part of our family for 8 wonderful years! He will be missed.
Ron, Nancy and "Alex" Osborn

Sassy -- 2013-08-07


On August 7, 2013 we lost our beloved Golden Sassy to a sudden illness from cancer. Sassy came into our home in December 2003 as an 11 week old puppy we fostered. We knew right away that she was a willful puppy and would need strong ownership. After adopting her out twice and her being returned both times, we chose to adopt her ourselves. Sassy grew up to be the golden that always kept us on our toes. She was smart enough to figure out how to open the trash can, open doors, get to the butter on the counter, t-pee the house with toilet paper and the list goes on.
Sassy was our project dog who taught us so much, and we feel blessed that we could also teach her the rules she needed. The highlight of Sassy's days were her humans. Whether it was Steve or I coming home, or the grandkids coming to see her.....all the training rules went out the window when their were kids around! She made us laugh, made us angry, made us wonder how she did something, but most of all she made us love the fact that she was in our life. We miss her terrible and we know she is now ruling the other dogs over the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Sassy - we all miss you so much!

Sydney -- 2013-05-23

Sydney-2013-05-23_1 Sydney-2013-05-23_2

I lost my beloved Sydney on May 23rd. When she joined our family less than a year ago, she truly completed our little clan. Syd was especially crucial for my Darcy, also a GRFR girl. Darcy had been an abused puppy mill momma who could not quite learn to feel trust, love, and joy. Sydney taught her how and much, much more. They bonded immediately and were rarely apart, usually lying together and touching each other. Darcy is now a strong, balanced girl, although so very sad and lonely without her sister. Darcy, her cats, and I are all quite bereft without Syd's happy presence, big smile, and constant companionship. For a girl who was with us for such a short time, her loss has certainly created a huge hole in our lives. She literally gave us all she had to give, and her big old heart just couldn't keep going any longer. Fortunately , her health declined rapidly, so it was at least easier on her. I cling to the knowledge that my girl can at last hear, run, and romp without pain and weariness. Run, Syd, RUN!!!

Champ -- 2013-04-27


To say, "Champ, "You will always have a part of my heart, took it with you"
"You bet, my best buddy."
I guess that's what Love really is all about.
Allowing your heart to be opened, loved unconditionally, then have a part of it taken, well it just means that if not, your heart will have remain closed.
Champ's smile, like the one in this picture won me over when I didn't even want another dog.
He had this way of smiling, a silly grin, gentleness. "I'm so happy!" "What can I do to make you love me more and make you be happy too?" Just always being really close? Yep, Can do!"
All I can say is.. make sure the one that you have, love, knows how much you can open your heart.

Mack -- 2013-04-22

Mack_1 Mack_2 Mack_3 mack-2013-04-22_4

We said goodbye to sweet Mack last month, April 22, on Earth Day. He was such a loving, jubilant creature, with a spirit that truly soared throughout his whole life.

I met Mack in February 2005. He was two years old, and somewhere in the transitin from Kansas to GRFR his name changed from Sammy, to Mack, which was fitting. Over the years he was Macko, MackAttack, EyeMack, MackAroni, and so forth. In those early days, and even beyond, he reminded me of a Mack truck the way he would barrel forward, with an endearing oblivion to how big he actually was.

Mack had crazy energy, with what I often suspected as more Setter than Golden. As his GRFR bio described it, when he arrived, he needed to learn some manners, but he just aimed to please, and he was so easy to delight. He loved everyone, and often showed his love for people with a big high ten on the chest, so he could greet face to face. Once, during that first summer, to be closer to my friend and I, he bashed right through one of my screens. Sweet Mack. As my dear friend Kate describes it, he held a happy fury that was such a presence "in the house, on a hike, and one of my favorites, a happy howling when things were going particularly good (like every meal). Sometimes before his morning walk he would be so excited that he would climb into my bathtub and twirl around while I brushed my teeth.

Mack s first years with me were on a 500 acre ranch near Durango, originally with a Golden sister named Maize, and in 2007, a new sister, Misty, who just showed up one day, on the highway near our property. We lived in the guest house, and next-door in the main house, were ten dogs (yes ten, all who lived inside). The walks in those days were pack events, romping in meadows, and swimming swimming swimming in the river. An incredible swimmer. Boy did he dive!

In 2008, when Mack was five, we moved a bit west to Mancos. With my summers free from Fort Lewis College, these were the days Mack perfected his trail running all throughout our San Juan Mountains. He was so strong, and such a loyal leader (he always led, but stayed close, staking out the trail for me and Misty). His happy fury rang alongside his "bear bell" (and we did on occasion, see a bear or two -- he stared but never chased). Those summer high country runs, with Mack and Misty, were a highlight of my life, some of the best days ever. Last fall, we made it back to one of our favorites, Bear Creek south of Rico, in the height of fall splendor, unbenounced to us that it would be Mack s last trip. Oh how he shined that day.

In 2010, Mack developed a sudden glaucoma in his right eye, blinding him with painful swelling. Upon removal, the lab diagnosed an iris melanoytoma, which was a benign mass, with no danger to his other eye. And what a trooper Mack was! ... and I might add, the only dog I have ever known to go through a double panel dog door with the cone. The aftercare was admittedly a little intense.

Mack did great with one eye. My boyfriend Randy called him "the Rogue" in his new pirate state. He was fine, with still so much happy fury. Along with his trail running triumphs, Mack continued to bound through snow. We did a lot of cross-country skiing, including snow kiting outings with Randy on Lizard Head Pass, where it was sometimes so deep. And with extra sensitive paws (due to deep pockets, I think), he was a booty guy. It wasn t a perfect system; they still came off sometimes, and to his delight, he often found them in the springtime. Oh what proud fetcher he was!

Last winter-- Mack was ten -- I noticed noisy breathing at night. He was fine during the day and performing with his usual enthusiasm and athleticism. I figured maybe he was just an older guy, snoring a little, and since he often slept upside down on his back (goofball), it seemed some scratchiness would occur. Around the same time, I noticed he would go outside early in the dark cold frigid winter morning, and sit on the porch by himself. It was so out of a character, this dog who always wanted his nose on my foot (or spoiled as he was, in my lap). Randy and I mused, that maybe he was just becoming a wise old man. Pensive.

In March, his neck lymph nodes swelled. It was indeed an aggressive lymphoma. My heart was broken. I wasn t ready to lose this sweet special exuberant creature.

Prednisone bought him a little time, and he had some walks and swims even up to before week before we lost him. Thank you to GRFR for allowing such joy to enter our lives. Mack is missed, deeply; Misty and I will forever hear his happiness howls at mealtime, our forever friend.

Toby -- 2013-03-07

Toby_1 Toby_2 Toby_3

When Toby came into our lives he was a very shy and timid 6yr old. He was afraid to eat his food from the metal bowl, wouldn t walk on wood or tile floors and would only come in or go out of the house if his sister Sandy told him to. His security blanket was his tennis ball. He LOVED his tennis ball and he LOVED to swim! :-) It took him a while, but he began to trust us and learned that he was in his forever home! He became quite the cuddler and loved being petted!

In the little more than 3yrs that we had him, he battled Heartworm (yes, we had given him preventative medicine monthly!) and bone cancer. He had his back leg amputated in May 2012 and was back to chasing after his tennis ball and enjoying life within a month. In November of 2012 his cancer returned and seeing the pain he was suffering, we had to let go of him and let him crossover the Rainbow Bridge.

Toby was such a sweet beautiful boy! It was such a blessing watching him blossom into the confident, loving Golden he was always meant to be! He has left a void in our hearts and we miss him everyday!

Moe -- 2013-03-02


My beloved darling Moe. He came to me from GRFR after I lost my Golden of 9 years " Harley. I am convinced Moe was sent by Harley to heal the heart of his 8 year companion, Buell, and mine. Buell and I were so lost without Harley. I decided to register with GRFR, and as I searched the site for a dog that would suit Buell and myself, I saw Moe's picture. He reminded me so much of Harley, but looked nothing like him! Our messenger and healer had arrived.

The day his foster mother brought him over to meet with us is a day I will never forget. We looked down at the parking lot from our apartment and saw them arrive. Buell and I decided to meet them at the elevator " it was a long walk from our apartment to the elevator. The doors opened and Buell saw Moe and it was love at first sight.! They sniffed each other, wagged tails and ran shoulder to shoulder down the long corridor back to the apartment. They would be that way until the very end.

Moe came to me at the age of 8 and a half. A small wiry guy with the cutest walk and a toothless smile. He had no teeth on his lower front and the smile was beyond precious. He needed very little training but a lot of love. He is my only Golden who knew how to kiss and I got plenty of those even when I did not ask for them! His favorite pastime was to sit on our second floor patio and bark at every dog that went by. He was very protective about Buell and as Buell aged Moe took on the role of protector with more rigor. The dogs and I moved to Grand Junction with my new job. This time I decided to rent a home in the heart of the historic district with a back yard just for them.

The boys loved it. Buell had aged a lot and his slow walks in the back yard were monitored closely by Moe. Once that was done Moe would run to the gate ready for his long walk around the park with me.

49 days after the move Buell's end to this life came to pass. I had no idea of the depth of the love that Buell and Moe had for each other. 8 days after that Moe decided to join his soul mate at Rainbow Bridge. My heart is broken as I write this. I know that they came into my life for a purpose " to teach me patience and forgiveness in all that I have been through in my personal life in the last 5 years; to understand what true love means and to cherish and embrace it when you have it; to get joy out of the simple moments in life and above all to marvel at the unique bond of two different species.

My darling boys " wherever you are may you find a lot of couches and pillows to sleep on, plenty to eat, snow to roll on, fire hydrants to bless, big parks where you can run free, other dogs to sniff and the wind in your face. Some time between all your fun take a moment to remember I love you and miss you terribly. May you always be together.

Harley -- 2013-02-26


It's a week since I lost my friend Harley. He was rescued from GRFR around 7 years ago. He was around 6 when he came to live with me and my furry family.

He was such a sweet gentle soul, he knew kindness and compassion best. He lived with Molly and we endured her loss together. He lived with Ruby next and Ruby came from GRFR too. She was with him at the last by his side. I know I am speaking to folks who understand that loss of a furry family member.

Harley came to me named Charley, we changed it from an ex-husband name to Harley, he answered to that one. Here is to good memories of a good soul, I enjoyed his life with me and I believe he liked being here. He loved the grandchildren we shared, the nights they spent here were among his happiest times. Everybody loved Harley, I had quite a fan club to let know he had passed, just letting you all know, it was my honor to have Harley with me for those years, never doubt what you all are doing is a wonderful thing for furry folks and non furry folks. You let lifelong friends come together!

Adopting an older friend is wonderful. There's something special about a more senior dog, just don't be afraid to take the leap.

Chessie -- 2013-02-25

FKA Chestnut 17-07 Chessie_2

I ll never forget the day I picked up 13 year old Chessie from her surrendering family, just a couple of weeks before Christmas. In typical golden fashion she pranced to my car and allowed me to lift her in, she curled up on her bed that she had conveniently brought with her and went to sleep. I took her immediately to the vet since Chessie had been diagnosed with spleen cancer several months prior and I wanted to know what her prognosis was from this point forward. Honestly she looked a bit worn down and I was fearful she would not last long. The vet said she could go any day but her tail was wagging and she was eating and drinking, peeing and pooping, everything required of a golden so I took her home and immediately hung a stocking so she would know she was expected to at least make it to Christmas.

Having fostered hospice dogs before I changed Chessie s diet and started her on an herbal regime. Within a couple of weeks Chessie s fur started to glisten and until the day she died she had the softest fur of any golden I ve ever seen. Chessie obviously started to feel as good as she looked as the days went on. She loved riding in the truck, that is after she and her foster sister had one squabble over space. Chessie was a hit to say the least at the parks when she went for walks. She literally pranced her way around the soccer field introducing herself to every human and dog she met. Everyone commented on her beautiful white face and of course her bubbly personality. Several people greeted her every weekend yay, Chessie is hanging in there . Every once in awhile she would lose sight of me, her eyesight and hearing weren t the best at her age. She would have a moment of panic, and foster papa would point her in the right direction and then she was fine, trotting along " no, make that prancing along, beside me for as long as we chose to walk. She never once slowed down.

Our family ended up adopting Chessie in late January, a joyous day. She seemed to know that she had a new last name when I removed her GRFR collar and placed her pretty new turquoise collar around her neck " complete with a name tag.

Chessie head butted her way (did I mention she was a bit needy?) into our hearts and she welcomed her foster brother Snickers into our family. In fact 13 year old Chessie is the one that most enjoyed playing with 1 year old Snickers. Eventually her sister Ruby Roo and brother Charles decided Chessie was a keeper and the snuggling began in earnest. She also loved when Indy, her terrier cousin, used her as a bridge running back and forth under her while she stood and watched him, smiling.

Chessie loved the snow, running and tossing her head, eating a bit of snow with every step. The day before we had to let her cross the bridge she played and played in the fresh snow. We had Chessie in our lives for about 2 months, formally adopting her almost 30 days before she passed. She was a happy girl during those months. Her ears were always perked up, always inquisitive " usually because she thought treats may appear. Her tail was always wagging and her love of food never dissipated

We ll never regret opening our home to Chessie when she needed a place to lay her beautiful white face. Our family has been enriched by taking senior dogs into our home and our hearts so I m sure we ll welcome another dog like Chessie in the future, as I ve said before, how can you not.

Lily -- 2013-02-17


Our dear sweet Lily crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday afternoon, Feb 17, 2013. We only had her 2 years, 3 months, but her sweetness and gentility touched our hearts deeply. Her last month was hard, for her and us, due to aggressive, bleeding cancers. She still has some moments of joy doing some short walks in natural areas, trying to chase geese, eat snow, sniff all the little critter burrows. We will miss her happy dance-prance she did for her walks. She loved going hiking and camping and became ever so much better of a hiker then we could have imagined given her prior life. Her last two years were happy for her and for that we are so glad she came into our lives. Rescue dogs are so appreciative and though we didn't have enough time with sweet Lily, she will live in our hearts as deeply as any other dog who has graced our lives.