2011 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Chloe -- 2011-11-01


I adopted you, Chloe, on an April Day. Little did I know you had severe storm anxiety, trust issues, and other mixed problems, but I loved you anyway and knew we would figure it out together. I knew my job was to make you feel loved, safe, and wanted, unlike your home before me. Over time, I watched you blossom into a more confident, trusting, over the top happy dog who loved to listed to jazz music while napping under my desk and a girl who had a crush on the vacuum cleaner...(I watched you flirt with it many times when you didn't think I was watching.) It's one thing of many that I found so endearing about you.

You fought hard in the end. I let you know I would fight with you as long as you were willing, but on Tuesday, you let me know the fight was over and you were ready to go home. I let you go knowing you would be in a better place and would be met on the Rainbow Bridge by several of our past furry friends, ready to play like you used to. We both grew from our friendship...

I learned so much from you and I thank you for that...I will carry it with me always. I just ask that when my heart heals and it's time to adopt another furry angel, you will be there in spirit to guide me to the right one. Luv you, Chloe....

Sidney -- 2011-10-16

Sidney_1 Sidney_2 Sidney_3

I wanted to let you all know that big Sidney passed away two weeks ago. He suffered a series of seizures, the last being almost totally debilitating.

Sidney was a great boy and we loved having him with us for his last 8 months. He got along so well with his 4 canine siblings. He ran around the ranch with them like he was still a pup! Although he was equally happy curling up on his spot on the sofa or at our feet. Sidney will be greatly missed. Thank you for helping us to adopt him.

Mazie -- 2011-10-07

Mazie_1 Mazie_2 Mazie_3

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Mazie crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She went into respiratory distress as a result of lymphoma and could not catch her breath.

Mazie came to us as a senior with numerous health problems. She became our first foster failure. Her favorite activity was doing home visits, especially if there were children in the home. She "raised" our other dog, Chase, from the moment we brought him home as a puppy. She helped mentor numerous foster dogs. She was the perfect GRFR ambassador, friendly to all she met. She was also a shining example of the lives senior rescue dogs can live if given a chance. She spent more than 4 years with us, 4 years we would have missed had we not chosen to adopt a senior.

She walked in the Rescue Parade at the Golden Retriever Club of America's 2010 National Specialty in Greeley. Some people remarked at what a jaunty trot she had for her age.

She asked so little of us yet filled our lives with love. We miss her very much.

Doug and Donna

Maggie -- 2011-09-09

Maggie_1 Maggie_2

I'm afraid I have sad news for you. Three weeks ago, Maggie started panting excessively. We were not too concerned, thinking it was just an old heart reacting to climactic events even though she was inside in the cool air. Then, on Sept. 1 her breathing became labored and she lost some blood (coughed/sneezed?-I did not see it occur) twice. Since she had the extensive breast tumor removed last year, lung cancer was a huge concern. However, chest and throat x-rays were clean, so we treated for inflammation/infection. The treatment helped a bit, but she continued to decline until last Friday, when it was just too much for her, and I gave her the final gift I had left to give. She was ready to go and asked me to help her, so I did. She died easily with the help of a gentle and kind vet and with me at her side.

Although her post-rescue life was not long, she was supremely happy with her home, kittens, and friends in the neighborhood and at the pool. Thank you so much for all the help you provided in bringing the two of us together. Without GRFR, she would never have known love and kindness.

Maggie could not have been happier or more loved. She, I, and her kittens could not be more grateful to GRFR for the precious gift you have given us over the last 14 months.


Sissy Lou -- 2011-08-11

Sissy Lou (fka Grace_1 Sissy Lou (fka Grace_2

Sissy was brought into our home in March, almost 5 months ago. When she arrived, we knew it was fate. We fell in love with her the minute we saw her. It seems that she fell in love with us too!

She was a former puppy mill dog and never got the chance to have a really dog's life. We thought she had spent 8 years in a mill, but later found out that she was at least 10. In the short time we had Sissy, we learned a lot from her and she learned a lot from us. She learned what freedom was, how to play fetch and what fresh cut grass felt like. Every time the lawn was freshly mowed, she would come inside with a green face!

This is one of the small things in her life that made her happy. While vacationing in the Tetons at the beginning of August, something went wrong. We found out that Sissy had a rapid form of Cancer. We had to let her go in one of the most beautiful places on Earth....in the Tetons. It was so tough saying goodbye so soon, but we gave her the best 5 months of her life. She got to pass in the mountains, not a cage. We are so grateful for GRFR and will be in search of another Golden soon.

RIP Sissy Lou!! We love you!

Wendy, Bob, and Madisyn And your brother, another GRFR rescue, Cisco

Shadow -- 2011-08-02

Shadow_1 Shadow_2 Shadow_3

It is with a sad heart that we let you know that Shadow crossed over the rainbow bridge. This special girl brought smiles and laughter to everyone who met her. In the time that she was with GRFR she managed to touch so many hearts. Thank you Shadow for showing us so us what a special girl you were. We all miss you - Rest in peace our sweet Shadow.

Mason -- 2011-07-23

Mason_1 Mason_2

It is with a heavy heart I write this----Mason is no longer physically with me, but will always be in my heart. He was the very best and I am so glad that we had this past year and 5 months together. I got extremely lucky---from the very start and I will always be grateful for GRFR giving me a chance to love him. Thanks to both of you for making it possible for me to be a part of Mason's life.

Sincerely (and still crying),

Duke -- 2011-07-16

Duke_1 Duke_2 Duke_3

Hello GRFR Family,
It is with great sadness, but fond and wonderful memories, that we share with you our beloved and loyal Duke passed away on July 16th. Duke was born February 28, 1999 and joined the Rentola family in 2006 from Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue. Duke was diagnosed with lung cancer over 2 1/2 years ago and surpassed everyone's expectations for how long he would thrive without invasive treatment. Since last fall, Duke had experienced spells of coughing and had been slowing down a bit and going through periods of little eating and being tired. As the most difficult decision we have ever made, we decided that July day that Duke deserved a peaceful release before his suffering worsened and we watched him deteriorate.

Because of Duke's amazing behavior, we decided to welcome two other younger golden's into our family: Tucker (adopted almost 3 years ago) and Willow Rae (adopted 1 year ago) who could learn from, love and keep him company. All three of our beloved dogs are GRFR alumni.

Anyone that met Duke knows what a wonderful, friendly people dog he was. Going on field trips and errands he always enjoyed meeting people. There wasn't a tennis ball Duke ever met that he didn't want to play with or a stuffed toy to tear apart. He loved to bark hello to visitors and even thought the friendliest guy, he once sent a UPS driver high tailing it back to his truck (some people just don't get the friendly, tail wagging bark of such a big boy).

We deeply miss our boy and with Tucker, Willow and time we will be able to focus more on the positive loving memories than the pain of missing his presence.

With Warmest Regards,
Cary and Jeremy Rentola

Spencer -- 2011-06-27

Spencer_1 Spencer_2

We are sad to announce that our dear Spencer, who adopted us in February of 2007, passed away on June 27, 2011, after a struggle with cancer. We loved him very much, and hope we gave him the royal life he deserved for the last 4 1/2 years. We will miss his snaggletooth and his need to have a toy in his mouth constantly, and his squeaking when he was excited. He was a loyal friend, and we all (his four furless family and Sadie, the obstinate furry little sister he helped to raise) will miss him terribly. Rest in peace, Spencer - we love you!


Buster -- 2011-06-09


We lost our beloved Buster this week. He loved our family of 6 unconditionally for 7 1/2 years and will be missed. Thanks to GRFR for giving us the privilege of loving him.
The Hoeschle Family

Reina -- 2011-05-26

Reina (fka Raina)_1 Reina (fka Raina)_2

We only had Reina for a little short of 3 years. Having her history of being a mother in a puppy mill, we were happy that her health held up as well as it did. She was my buddy and my walking companion. When we got her her name was given as Raina. We changed the spelling to Reina (Spanish for Queen), and she was all of that, but she was a very democratic queen. When we walked she wanted to greet everyone we met. She had dozens of friends in the neighborhood, both two and four legged. Sometimes when we stopped to talk, she would sit down in front of the person to whom I was talking and look up at them as if to say "Well, aren't you going to pet me and tell my what a nice dog I am?" Most of the time she got that kind of attention without needing to "say" a thing.

She was wonderfully well behaved, most of the time. A few weeks after she came to live with us, I let her out into the backyard, off leash, because we were going out for some training. What I didn't know was that a deer was lying doun under my neighbors deck. The Deer saw Reina and got up and began to run away. Reina thought that a game of chase was a great idea. She became deaf for a short time. She and the deer ran about a block and a half South, across back yards, and then turned and went about two blocks North before the deer turned East into the greenbelt. Reina was not gaining on it, but she wasn't losing any ground either. The deer went across the greenbelt and through a stagnant pool of water with Reina still in the game. She went into the pool and when I finally got her to come to me, she was really stinky. I didn't have to say much to her, her attitude was clearly repentant. A bath took care of the stink and the fact she knew I was displeased seemed to take care of any inclination to play chase with the deer in the neighborhood. She only looked at them, and they at her, after that.

We have had a number of dogs over the years. She was the fourth in about the last 32 or 33 years. Each was wonderful in their own way. Each gave much more than they got, as dogs do. However, Reina will have to be given the prize as the sweetest of our 4-legged children. We miss her terribly.

The pictures are of Reina shortly after she joined the family. The second was taken while on our trip in April/May of this year

Dick and Linda Bellamy

Maizy Daisy -- 2011-05-09

Maizy Daisy_1 Maizy Daisy_2 Maizy Daisy_3

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Maizy Daisy lost her valiant struggle with Lymphoma this afternoon. For the past two weeks she has been struggling to catch her breath and be able to live the life she's come to love. Although we only had Maizy for six short months, she more than doubled her prognosis of only 1-3 months to live. She lived like a queen in our home and she's left pawprints on our hearts forever! My husband and I lovingly held Maizy in our arms as she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and was surely welcomed by all our other precious pets who went on before her. God Speed, sweet Maizy Daisy, a beautiful belle from Texas. Until we meet again, we'll love you and keep you in our hearts and thoughts forever. Love you, baby girl...
Maria & Bruce Joslin

Lexie -- 2011-04-12

Lexie_1 Lexie_2

We received Jenny on 10/12/05 through GRFR from a shelter in Utah. Our intention was to foster until she was adopted, but we adopted her. Her name soon became Lexie. It wasn t love at first sight , but it certainly grew into love. Apparently never having been trained or taught, she was taken to dog obedience classes and learned new things quickly. She enjoyed new experiences and was always ready to go. We realized very quickly that she was an allergy dog . It was a challenge to get those allergies under control. While dealing with her allergies, she began to develop urinary tract infections. They were usually E.coli and eventually the infections ascended into her kidneys causing chronic renal disease. When that was diagnosed, we knew what the outcome would be, as it is a fatal disease. We decided that we would treat her and work with her just as long as we could keep her comfortable. We outpaced the disease for almost 2 years. Eventually the disease overtook our efforts. We kept a close eye on her comfort, her attitude and her quality of life. I believed that her tail would be our guide; as long as that tail was going everything would be alright. I was wrong, the tail never stopped wagging. On her last day, when she was too weak to get up, her tail still wagged. It was time to make the decision we knew was coming but had dreaded for so long. Lexie was euthanized on 4/12/11, exactly 5 years after we got her. There is an empty feeling in our home and in our yard and in our hearts. We know that eventually we will get another dog, probably one through GRFR. But not now as we still miss our Lexie.

Sandra and Tom

Talin -- 2011-03-30

Tallin_1 Tallin_2

Tallin 8/18/2001 - 3/30/ 2011

When we started fostering Tallin at the rowdy age of 18 months, and we did not expect to keep him for ourselves. Many a foster had come through our doors and we loved them all before sending them to their forever home. But Tallin's hearty enthusiasm for everything life had to offer was too exhilarating to let go.

Tallin filled our hearts with love and joy, our lives with delight and laughter and filled our souls with peace and happiness.

Tallin was not a dog of routine. He surprised us daily with his cute little quirks, his ability to make the best of any situation and was a model of how to live life. His sudden death from a cancer unknown to us has been devastating but we would not trade those 8 years, 6mos and 12 days for anything.

He will always be in our hearts and we can only hope to be as good of person as he was a dog.

Mark and Connie

Sadie -- 2011-03-12

Sadie_1 Sadie_2 Sadie_3

Sadie came to us about 5 years ago, and her faithful presence is deeply missed. She spent her days with me while I worked downstairs with my clients. She was equally adored by everyone. She was the sweetest, most gentle-natured animal I've ever known and we miss her terribly. She was known as my shadow, because we spent all our time at home together, and losing her so abruptly is shocking. We will always remember her in winter eating up all the snow. We will remember her in spring rubbing her back on the new grass to give herself a good scratch. We will remember her in summer for always seeking out a cool patch of shade and quietly observing the kids play in the yard. She was the best companion we could have ever hoped for.

Love Nicole, Mallory and Teagan

Indy -- 2011-03-12


It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our GRFR family member "Indy" (profile #82-07) that we adopted, or I should say, he adopted us, in May 2007.

We want to thank the GRFR group for allowing us to have Indy in our lives for the past 4 years. He has been a fantastic dog and a wonderful addition to our family. We continue to wonder how a family, or in Indy's case, 2 familys could have given him up and not treated him with all the love that he deserved because he is so welled behaved. We hope we have given him a great last 4 years of his life in his FOREVER HOME.

Our twin girls along with our female cocker (Bailey) and our recently rescued cat (Pounce) will also miss him dearly. Indy and Pounce became the best of friends right away & they played on a daily basis.

Thank you again for all you do with unwanted Golden s and I m sure (in time) we will talk again in search of a new Golden to bring into our home.

RIP my Indy Boy! Daddy loves you.

Jack -- 2011-02-11

Jack 67-09 Jack 67-09 Jack 67-09

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Jack passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, February 11. Jack came to his forever home in July 2009 and we loved him every day. While Jack was legally blind, he made his way around the house and yard without any trouble. A great friend his furless friends Zach & Evan and to his golden brother Enzo and golden sister Akala.

Thank you GRFR for the honor of having Jack as a part of our family.

Laura, Joe, Zach & Evan Wood

Tucker -- 2011-01-03

Tucker (aka Molson 361-09) Tucker (aka Molson 361-09) Tucker (aka Molson 361-09)

Tucker (aka Molson 361-09) tucker_2011-01-03_5

We received your card in the mail yesterday thank you. I cannot express in words how difficult this time has been for our family. We had Tucker for 1yr and 3day exactly. Within that time Tucker was very well known at the girls elementary school, participated in 2 parades on a fire trucks. Made many smile at a nearby outside mall. Tucker was such a special member of our family. He had a look unlike many other dogs which made passersby inquire about his breed. He had soulful eyes that just welcomed you and made you want to cuddle him. We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Tucker as his forever home. Though short in time, Tucker made lifetime memories and impact on our family. Thank you GRFR for allowing us the opportunity, we are grieving Tucker but will continue to look for another special guy through your rescue. Thank you so very much for Nancy, Tuckers foster mom. Nancy took a chance by calling us although we requested a Golden. She knew Tucker was a special guy and after reading our bio took a chance with our family. She is such a special individual and we cannot thank her enough for blessing us with Tucker.

Mitch, Tiff and the girls