2009 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Kodi -- 2009-10-28

Kodi (aka Shadow/Toby 170-05) Kodi (aka Shadow/Toby 170-05) Kodi (aka Shadow/Toby 170-05)

On 10/28/09, circumstances surrounding a pre-existing condition lead to Kodi's passing away from heart failure. He was my best friend, coming home from the hospital I would always have my heart uplifted no matter how difficult my patient's were. We would often go on hikes and walks, one time a coyote came running up on us, Kodi just turned towards him sprung his tail to the sky and the coyote new had met his match.

He was such a gentle giant he would lay on my chest while we watched a football game. I miss him so much,often I want to call for him to get ready for a walk wishing he was still here. He was the best dog I have ever known. Kodi, I hope your doing well on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, Love you....Jim

Ross -- 2009-09-30

Ross 309-09

Ross is a 2 yr old golden boy that GRFR rescued from the shelter. He wasnt feeling good so a vet there diagnosed him with Parvo. We tried to save him but his body shut down. Please know that the vet that took care of him, gave him a lot of love in TLC.

Izzy -- 2009-09-30

Izzy - adopted in 2002

We lost our Izzy in late September from a fast growing tumor. Although it was incredibly hard to say good-bye, it's the unconditional love that he gave us and the enormous humor he brought into our lives that lives on.

In loving memory of the most sweet, unassuming, and funny dog there ever was - Izzy.

Izzy is survived by his GRFR bother, Buddy Jack, who misses their play-filled days a lot.

Goldie -- 2009-09-23

Goldie 25-07

Everyone loved Goldie from the moment they met her. She was the most mellow dog I have ever seen. She got along with adults, kids and dogs. When we first got her, the neighborhood kids would yell her name from the school bus as it drove past and one time five little girls took her for a walk by sharing her leash as we walked up the street. When she couldn't walk very well anymore the last few months because of the arthritis in her spine, the SUV became her outing every day. I would lift her in, off we would go on an adventure where everyone would come and pet her. No matter what life dealt her, she was happy and content as long as she was close to people that loved her. She proved over and over again the value of adopting an older dog. I only had her for 2 1/2 years, but I gave her the forever home she deserved. I loved her last and she loved me best.

I was her angel and now she is mine.

Lilly -- 2009-09-09

Lilly 42-08 lilly_20090909_med_2

I can't believe I'm writing you again, so soon after Allie .. but I wanted to let you know that Lilly (picture attached) passed over the Bridge yesterday. She had a pretty bad case of arthritis when she came to GRFR and eventually found her way to me. Although I believe we had the pain under control, she still was very protective of her body and wouldn't let anyone get too near to her. I was finally able to scratch her chin and give her head rubs, but that was about it. She quickly became my little shadow, though, following me everywhere. Every morning when I'd get out of the shower, she'd be there protecting the doorway! She would 'do laps' around the island while I got everyone's meals ready, barking the whole time as if encouraging me to move a little faster with her food! She was a funny little ol' lady, and brought me much joy. I do wish people would not shy away from the seniors that come in ... you never know how much time you will have together (in our case, it was 1 1/2 years), but to me that makes each day that much more special.

After she passed over the Bridge, I was finally able to give her all the belly rubs, ear scratches, and hugs that she so deserved her whole life but was afraid to accept.

I know she is happy now, running and playing as she wished she could have been ... but I miss her terribly!

Thanks for all you do help so many dogs ... especially ones like Lilly, that so deserve to live their golden years in happiness.


Brandy -- 2009-08-31

Brandy 35-05

Dear friends at GRFR,

I just wanted you to know that I'll be watching the picnic Saturday from the Great Doggie Playground in the sky. The cancer finally wore me out, and a few days ago I woke up in the morning to let my BFF Bill know that I was ready for the next life. He took me to the vet, and with my head in his lap they lovingly gave me that shot that led me across the Rainbow Bridge.

I can't tell you what a wonderful life I've had since you rescued me from abandonment in Missouri five years ago. I came to you with just about every kind of worm imaginable, and when you delivered me to Bill my entire hindquarters were shaved due to an infection from one of the shots. I looked like an oven-ready turkey, and Bill's friends initially called me "Turkey Butt".

I fully recovered, and since Red Feather Lakes is in the Roosevelt National Forest I got to run pell-mell through the brush and trees every day. Bill and I did a lot of hiking and fishing, and I discovered that Golden Retrievers can actually SWIM! (I never did catch on to that retrieving business, however.)

I never did chase game of any size (I'm a lady, you know), but I certainly did sniff their smells. We have a large aspen grove on our land, and I would wander through that grove following the scents of squirrels, rabbits, weasels, foxes, coyotes, deer and moose. Yes, I did steer clear of the coyotes and moose; they can really put the hurt to ya!

The physical part of me is buried in that aspen grove, and I will forever be a part of my happy hunting grounds. Bless you for giving me such a life-renewing opportunity. I know that many other Goldens will be blessed by passing through your loving hands.

With eternal gratitude,


Austin -- 2009-08-26

Austin 29-08 Austin 29-08 Austin 29-08

It is with great sadness we write to tell you our beloved Austin died August 26 of cancer. It took him very quickly. He was a special boy and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to be his forever home even though it was for a very short time, too short. We know he was meant to be with us for the final part of his life. He just wanted to be loved and loved us in return. We loved his furrowed brow that always left us wondering what he was thinking. Austin brought us such joy and was such a gentle soul. Austin was truly a gentle giant. We miss him everyday.

Sharon and Bill C

Allie -- 2009-08-01

Allie 177-06

Allie was my first (of 5, and counting!) GRFR dog. She was such a sweet soul ... everyone that met her instantly fell in love with her. We met when she was 10, although people would guess her to be about 3. She had such a love of life, just enjoying every minute. Shortly after we met, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer. We tweaked her meds for a while, eventually getting her on a routine of 6 pills per week ... a small price to pay to keep her happy and healthy! She LOVED being outside and either playing with or watching her canine siblings. She would sit right under her bowl when I was getting their meals ready, just waiting patiently. Funny how she knew exactly which bowl was hers! She was a sweetheart, and I miss her antics and her companionship.

She was taken away very suddenly and much too soon, after being together for almost 3 years.

Thank you for the opportunity to spend Allie's last few years with her. She was a great friend, and I miss her everyday.


Blondie -- 2009-07-20

Blondie 210-09

Blondie passed away suddenly of cardiac failure on Monday, July 20. Blondie was only 6 years old when he came to GRFR. He and his brother, Redd, came to GRFR in bad shape. Thanks to Diane and Terry, the boys had lots of love, cool grass to roll in, endless belly rubs, and a family of their own. Although his time with GRFR was short, each and every day was better than the last. His tail was always wagging!

Buddy -- 2009-05-29

buddy_1_20090529_med buddy_2_20090529_med buddy_3_20090529_med

Buddy passed over the rainbow bridge today. He was fostered and then adopted by his foster family. Buddy came to GRFR after having struggled with uncontrolled siezures all of his life. Linda, Nelly, Amber and Burt (who preceded Buddy in death) gave Buddy a truly golden life. He was able to run, play and have daily swims and playtime at Chatfield. We will all miss that goof Buddy that we came to love!

Goose -- 2009-05-28


We adopted Goose in February 2008 and found out shortly afterwards that he had a significant heart murmur. Over the course of the last two months, he started going into congestive heart failure. It turns out that he had heart worms (though it said in the records we received that his testwas clean...and I had him retested twice in the last six months) and he also had a significant PDA.

We saw several specialists, talked to every cardiologist from CSU to VRCC and had him on expensive medications. He went to VRCC today for heartsurgery, and the doctors gave him an 85% chance of coming through it and living a relatively normal lifespan. But unfortunately, the damage was just too much. His aorta tore during the procedure and he bled to death.The doctors performed CPR and other lifesaving measures until I could get there to kiss him goodbye, but we finally had them let Goose go at about 1:30 pm today. Goose was one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. We will miss him dearly!

Peter and Melanie

Clyde -- 2009-05-24


Clyde, a very beautiful Golden, with his curly coat, could always be found draped on the family couch with his head snug on the pillows. When any of the family members approached, Brent, Beth, Grayson or Jack, Clyde would stretch out his paws to give a loving embrace. He was always the first to greet you when arriving home. He would hear you coming and run to the front window and watch you enter the house. After, giving his warm and excited welcome he would take you to the kitchen pantry for a cookie treat.

Clyde had allergies which caused him to have a soft bark. He was a very special pick along with sister, Shelby, from a litter over eleven years ago. One of him favorite pass times was sitting for hours watching the movement of squirrels in the trees in a beautiful yard. He also loved to be by an open door and feel the cool breeze. Clyde always provided the family with his unconditional love and was so protective of all the family. Sister, Shelby, left the family a few months ago and now Clyde is with her. They had never been apart, and now they are together again playing at "The Rainbow Bridge". Our family is so grateful for the love received each day from Clyde and Shelby.

Maggie -- 2009-04-07


It is with great sorrow in our hearts that we'd like to inform you that sweet Miss Maggie has passed away Tuesday, 4-7, of heart disease.

We adopted Maggie in August/06 (Maggie 50-06), and our lives were truly blessed with such a gentle soul. She was the happiest dog, always playful with a smile that lit up our hearts. We will miss her dearly, and always remember our sweet old Maggie.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

Sara & Natasha

Honey -- 2009-03-10

Honey 60-06 Honey 60-06

Honey came into our lives the first time as our foster dog in May 2006. She only stayed with us for a week before we found what we thought would be her forever family. But six months later Honey came back to us.

We like to think that she was acting out just so she could get returned to the rescue and back to our home.

Although Honey had a very rough life before making her way to Colorado and to GRFR, her last couple of years must have been the happiest. She wasn't starving anymore, had a family who loved her, soft dog beds to sleep on and a doggie sister to keep her company.

Honey and our golden Maggie were like two sisters. Where one went the other followed. Her favorite things in life were treats, going for a swim, playing fetch and eating more treats.

She is still the only dog I have ever known that thought lettuce was a tasty treat for dogs!!

She had the sweetest disposition of any dog we have ever met. She loved her family and tolerated all of the foster puppies that came to stay with us, even the most annoying ones!!

Sadly we lost Maggie to cancer on February 20th, 2009. We knew that Honey would have a hard time adjusting to life without her. Only 10 days later we lost Honey too.

It broke our hearts to loose both of our girls so suddenly, but we are happy knowing that they are together again, pain free, waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you Honey!!

Jennifer P.

Niki -- 2009-03-04

Niki (aka Becky - 127-06) Niki (aka Becky - 127-06)

I just wanted to let you know that on March 4th I made the difficult decision to let Niki go. The cancer had progressed to a point where it was time. She lasted six months....twice as long as we thought she would, and she crossed over fighting. Lucy (our kitty), myself, and my entire family miss her terribly. She was a fun loving dog who made us laugh a lot. Her priorities were to play and be loved. For as much love as we gave her, she returned our love one hundred fold. We will carry the memory of her with us forever. Attached are a couple of pictures of her, one with one of her favorite toys, and one guarding the backyard against squirrels.

Thank you for bringing Niki into our lives.

Sandy D.