2008 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Cindy Lou -- 2008-09-30


It is with great sadness that I inform our friends of the passing of Cindy Lou (formerly Mindy adopted Dec.'06). I fell in love with Mindy the moment I met her; she was so sweet and affectionate that I stated calling her "Sweet Cindy Lou, I love you." She was always by my side and followed me around wherever I was. We had almost 2 years together helping each other through get through some difficult times. She lost her battle with Osteosarcoma in Sept.'08 and it is still painful to write this. Even enduring excruciating pain, she was content and happy to be with me and watch over the ducklings ( her adopted babies) in the backyard in her final days, as in her last photo. She will be with me in Spirit and ashes and with those her knew her, forever in our hearts.

River -- 2008-09-29


River went by many names: The River Dog, The Princess and Momma Bear among them. But far more interesting to River than names -- or really anything else -- was water. She lived to swim, and swim she did at every occasion, from her trips to Lake Powell to our pool to streams to golf-course ponds to even the occasional hot tub. There was no rest for anyone when The Princess was around water, and that was ok with all of us.

Beyond swimming, we'll always remember Momma Bear for:
* Proudly carrying her new rawhide treats sometimes for hours before devouring them;
* The way she talked to us through the adorable little grunting sounds she would make;
* "Only River knows for sure," which is what we'd say for when it would be time for one of her stuffed animals to be torn to shreds;
* Her first bark in a series being much more high-pitched than the subsequent barks, particularly if she was caught off-guard;
* Nuzzling in our laps on the floor when we got home;
* Her "Lipizzaner" prance before she pounced on a toy;
* Her love for walks that she discovered later in her life;
* Her quiet confidence; and of course
* That cute little spot on the tip of her tongue.

We lost River to her valiant battle with lymphoma -- a battle that we witnessed for a mere twenty-four days but one she was quietly fighting for months. We learned a lot from her about life, about living and in the end, about dying.

It's been three months, and we miss her like it was yesterday.

River's family,
Marc, Kristin, Brooke, Laurie & Meko

Maggie -- 2008-08-29


I wanted to let you know Maggie passed away at home on 8-29-08 She was not alone when she died. The cancer spread very quickly, I wanted to let you know about her and how wonderful it was to have her in our lives and part of our family. She is greatly missed.

Baylee -- 2008-07-14

Baylee 54-04

It's with a very heavy heart I'm letting GRFR know that Baylee left us on 7/14/08, she was around 12 years old. She became seriously ill and very weak the day before. Blood tests revealed that her kidneys were shutting down. From the day we got Baylee in October of 04, I couldn't imagine not having her. I'm self employed and she went to work with me every day. Most of the time, she was the only other face I saw while working.

Baylee was very special to us, and everybody that met her. We miss her very very much.

Dan and Kate Anderson

Whitman -- 2008-04-24


We have dreaded writing this message, we lost our wonderful Whitman to cancer on April 24, 2008.

He was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer on January 14, 2008. We took him to CSU Veterinary Hospital for further testing and Chemotherapy and care. He had several treatments and came out of remission and another type of Chemo was given to him. He tolerated it for a while but we could see he was losing the battle. We promised him we would not let him suffer. The staff at CSU is wonderful and strives to maintain a good quality of life during treatment. We had Whitman only two years and five days but we are so thankful to have had him each and every day he was with us. He filled our lives and our hearts with love, happiness, caring and compassion. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share the special time we had with Whitman We miss him very much and treasure our memories.

James and Joy Merritt

Tucker -- 2008-03-30

Tucker 51-03

Tucker crossed the Rainbow Bridge Sunday March 30th. He was adopted in June'03 and was only 6 yrs old. We are unsure what happened as the Longmont Humane Society has not gotten back to us. The sweetest dog I have ever met and have met many as most of us have. Our hearts are broken and that's about all. We would like to set up a memorial for him on your website. I also submitted a request to adopt another Golden. I hope you will consider us. We gave Tucker a good home and tons of love...although I feel somewhat responsible for his death for he wasn't himself late Saturday night but I didn't take him to the 24 hr vet. Best friend a family could've had..He will forever be remembered that way and his true best friend Sonny(our Samoyed mix is lost w/out him).

Thank you

The Rogan Family
Julie, Michael, Patrick, Kaitlyn and Sonny