2007 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Abbey -- 2007-07-19

Abbey 26-07 Abbey 26-07 Abbey 26-07

Abbey came to GRFR and then to me only 5 short months ago but we grew to love each other as if we’d been together from the beginning. Abbey loved to run in the park and roll around on the grass. I’d take her daily to the park and sometimes we’d go downtown to Commons Park or up to Breckenridge. She was so energetic, I would’ve thought this 10-year old was only about 5. She always had a smile on her face, even as she got more tired. She and my new kitty, Dolce became very close and snuggled together. I can tell that Dolce misses her, too. I feel fortunate to have fostered and adopted this wonderful Golden and to have spent her final months together.

Cooper -- 2007-05-14

Cooper (aka Butch) 44-02

It is with tears in my eyes that I write to tell you that we let Cooper (formerly Butch) go earlier this evening. His cancer had recurred a third time (the second time was last summer, which was treated with surgery and radiation at the CSU Animal Cancer Center). He was in pain, and we had to choose between amputation with a potentially difficult recovery, according to the CSU staff, or euthanasia. He also had a slow-growing mass in his lungs, and with everything to consider, we decided to spare him the aggressive treatment. Our vet anesthetizes animals before euthanasia, and we were with Cooper for as long as we was conscious, kissing and petting him. While we miss him very much, we thank you for giving us nearly 5 years with him.

Mandy -- 2007-05-10

Mandy 32-07 Mandy 32-07

Mandy 32-07

Oakley -- 2007-04-21

Oakley (aka Simba) 103-04 Oakley (aka Simba) 103-04 Oakley (aka Simba) 103-04






I just wanted to send out a note letting you know that my Golden Retriever Oakley (formerly Simba) died last Saturday April 21st. My estimate is that he may have been about 10 years old. It was shocking and unexpected and it still doesn't seem like he's gone.

The cause was a massive malignant tumor that had invaded his adrenal gland. It was sending large amounts of adrenaline through a main vein causing extremely high blood pressure and therefore a series of strokes throughout the day. Steve and I rushed him to the Emergency Vet clinic about noon and by 4:00 he was gone.

Up until then I thought I had a healthy and happy dog. He seemed fine that morning and was playing with Steve's dog Coco and chasing tennis balls as if everything was normal. I am, however, thankful that the end was quick and he didn't suffer (at least outwardly) much at all.

He was my first dog and I was so very lucky to have him for the last 2 & 1/2 years of his life. I adopted him from the Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue in October of 2004 and from the first moment I saw him I knew we'd be great friends. I used to brag that he didn't bark, jump, lick, bite, chew anything and never had an accident in the house. But he really was without faults, besides being a ball hog and taking off for his little walkabouts in the neighborhood occasionally. He loved children and older people and even cats, although if they ran he'd certainly give chase. Somehow he knew what I was saying most the time and always did his best to comply. He loved riding in the Jeep, although being left in the Jeep briefly for some reason was torture. If there was water nearby he would find it and swim for hours if I let him. He absolutely loved everyone and thought all visitors had come just to see and pet HIM, if there was a hand at his level his head would be in it. I found it comforting that he was protective of me at home. He was the most perfect dog for me and although I may get another some day, I know I'll never find such an incredible companion.

In Memory of Oakley,
Annie Gable

Andy -- 2007-03-24

Andy (aka Sawyer) 07-07 Andy (aka Sawyer) 07-07 Andy (aka Sawyer) 07-07

You were loved by so many people who met you, that just fell in love with your picture, or some that were so lucky to take care of you. Your life was hard from the start but being a true golden boy, you never let anyone know how bad you felt, you always seemed so happy. The day you came to my house I melted after seeing how cute you were. Your large head only made you look more handsome to me. The special things that I will always remember were picking you up and holding you in my lap. I would rub your chest and tell you how handsome you were and how much I loved you. I knew that you understood when I saw your eyes close and you leaned closer. You put up with me putting you in doggy diapers and then upgrading to those doggy wraps. You made it easy, you would kick out one of your little legs so I would put the diaper on just right, I smiled every time. I was scared to death after you got your shunt, they said I could pick you up the next day and I was a nervous wreck. I brought you home and wrapped you up in a blanket and watched you all day. The next day, you acted just like the normal Andy. You made it so easy for me. I had heard that it would be difficult for you to learn but after some effort you shined and sat for a dog bone. I was so proud. You also accomplished a huge task, you got approval from the top dog of the house and that is very difficult for foster dogs to do. I think all the dogs knew you were special and accepted you from the start. Mia your foster sister, will miss you biting her ears and sleeping so close and Rusty your foster brother will be with you very soon to help take care of you in heaven. I was so lucky to find you the perfect new family. I saw love in their eyes the day the met you. I was so sad to see you go but I knew you were going to be so happy in your new home. When your new mommy called me to let me know we lost you, she and I cried together and shared a moment of total sadness and loss together. You need to know you were so loved by so many. I do know in heaven you now can see and I know you feel better. You were my little blond angel and I will always have you in my heart. We miss you sweet Andy Man and will love you forever.