2005 Memorial

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to some of our friends that have come to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. While these special friends will live forever in our hearts and minds we would also like to share their memories. This page is our small memorial to those who have made such a difference in our lives.

If you've received a Golden from us and would like to share their memory, please contact us about listing them here.

Jessie -- 2005-12-05

Jessie 145-05

Horatio, Calleigh, Sara, Yelena, Mac -- 2005-06-30

horatio_200506_med calleigh_200506_med sara_200506_med
yelena_200506_med mac_200506_med

Dillon -- 2005-03-26

Dillon 63-04 Dillon 63-04

Dear Dillon, You came into our lives on July 11, 2004. I had received an email from a friend of mine who is involved in a Rescue just south of Denver. She told me what she knew about you, which was not much. She said that you were around 10 years old, a nice Golden boy from what she had seen of you and that your owners did not want you anymore. Of course I had to check with GRFR to make sure we could take you in. I knew already that you would live at our house. I kept asking my fellow rescuer why? Why would someone want to give up a pet that they had for so long? The answer was unclear.

On Sunday July 11th, I didn't realize my life would change forever. The transport team brought you to us and you came waltzing up to the front door so confidently. You walked right in, not only in to our home but into our hearts. We took you out back and gave you a bath and let you get to know your new home and yard. I could not believe how beautiful you were. Your coat a thick shiny red and your amber colored eyes and the biggest heart full of life and love. As the day went on, we still wondered how someone could give you up. I have to be a little selfish now and say I'm glad they did!

Even though you were to be with us for a few days, the days turned into weeks and then a month. That was fine with us; we weren't in any hurry to get rid of you anyway. You had positioned yourself nicely into our home and family. The kids just wowed? you. You would follow all of us around the house and wanted to be included in everything! From Barbies to Basketball you were right there. From car rides to walks to the park you loved it all. It seemed at the time there were no applicants looking for a companion your age, you sure didn't act like you were a 10 yr. old boy, and you had so much youth! We talked about adopting you because you had become our 5th child; you fit in to our family so well. Just then there was an applicant that was interested in you, they specifically requested you by name. When I had heard this, I really didn't know how to feel, happy or sad. Happy that someone could put aside your age and see what a truly wonderful boy you were and sad that I could soon be losing you. I was also nervous about how you would do without us, and how we would do without you. After hearing about this family I decided after talking it over with your foster dad that we should at least meet them and see if you would fit in. After meeting them it was clear you would be a good fit for them and that they would spoil you the rest of your life.

Once they adopted you, they told me they would keep in touch so that we could visit. I couldn't be happier. I knew we would see you again. That was good enough for me. Everything went well the first couple of days, but then I got a phone call from them. They told me you were very sick. They were unsure as to what was going on, but you weren't acting like the Dillon that I knew and that they had become to know. I had told them they needed to get you to the ER vet right away and they did. They called several hours later to tell me that you had a tumor, possibly Thoracic Cancer located in the throat and chest area and that it looked to be a big mass spreading. At that moment, none of us knew exactly how long you would be with us. We picked you up that night and brought you back into our family, and discussed that we would keep you until god would take you away from us. You couldn't be happier. You had kids around you, oh how you thrived with kids. You got lots and lots of car rides, which you couldn't get enough of. You would go hike with us to your favorite place that had a creek. You were a constant companion and you loved to be kissed, hugged and even drooled on. Dillon, you were the Best Friend a human could ask for!

7 months later on March 26th 2005 you just became too tired and too weak to go on; the cancer had completely taken over you. On that day in March you entered onto the Rainbow Bridge. We all can see you Dillon, running through the green pasture, your red hair glistening and flowing in the sun and your eyes so bright amber, your tail wagging and your smile that lit up the whole room. The other thing that makes you happy is that there are cars just lined up for you to take you on a little ride whenever you want.

Dillon, thank you for coming into our lives and becoming our best friend and companion. There are many tears shed for you everyday. You are missed!!! You are loved!!! We will see you again someday, I'm sure of it.

Shiloh -- 2005-02-09

Shiloh (aka Stanley) 26-04 Shiloh (aka Stanley) 26-04

In Memory of Shiloh

Our lovely dog Shiloh (you would know him as Stanley) was hit by a car last night. Someone had left the gate open while we were unloading Cub Scout equipment to be transferred to another home. No one saw Shiloh escape, as he liked to do from time to time. Unfortunately he didn't make it this time. He must have seen a rabbit or something and felt the need to cross the street, and a car did not see him, and then it was too late. We miss him terribly, and there is a big hole in our heart today. We have been crying off and on all night and all day, and just hope that he did not feel anything. The people at the animal hospital were very kind to me when I took him in. We would like to thank you for letting him into our family for the short time that we had him (less than a year)--he was loved dearly by our children and us--the youngest loved to wrestle with him all day, and Sasha our cat and Shiloh would chase each other all over the house--he was so kind and gentle to all of them. He was the best dog we have ever had, and we will miss him very much.

The Pimmel Family