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We have placed over 3300+ Goldens since we were founded in 2001 into permanent, loving homes! Many of these dogs had a difficult time in their early lives, but their forever families have provided loving homes, training, and good care. In return, these happy dogs have become loyal and devoted family members. If you would like to have your own success story to share, please fill out an application to start the process for finding your own new best friend.

It is a great feeling!

Coley 70-18 -- Adopted August 2018

Coley picture 1 Coley picture 2 Coley picture 3

Coley is a 12 week old female mix.

Coley has a pink collar. This little gal is the most petite of the three and a favorite activity is to curl up in a ball on someone s lap for a
snooze. She is the first to run for an affectionate belly rub.

All the puppies have excellent dispositions and they are such good pups. They are affectionate and playful. They are also quite Velcro-like, wanting to be with their people. If you are going on an adventure, even if it is only the back yard, they are all in. They are not prone to destruction at this point. But there s lots of
puppy teething time still left. Right now, they are content to chew on bully sticks.

They all have had multiple plunges into the koi pond and can quickly scamper out.
They also love the koi food and will greedily eat up any stray morsels.

AND they are now starting on ball retriever skills, which they really are into.

They love car rides and travel quietly. They show confidence and have no
unreasonable fears including thunder.

They sleep well through the night.

They are ready for house training. They are starting to learn simple commands, like
sit to get a treat. They will need classes where their training will continue and
they will be able to socialize with other dogs.

They have been represented as being Golden-Lab mix, but this can t be guaranteed.
Please remember that GRFR adopts puppies to forever families who have sufficient time at home to socialize, house train and nurture their
new puppy. Also note: puppies should not leave your yard or be exposed to any other dogs unless you are certain that such other dogs have
been fully vaccinated and are older than six months. They should not go to parks or Petsmart or anywhere else until they have their last
booster shot, as they could contract a potentially lethal virus.
Before taking your puppy to puppy class please discuss vaccination requirements for various classes with your trainer or vet. Puppies
often need a few dewormers and we encourage you to discuss this with your vet.

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