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We have placed over 3300+ Goldens since we were founded in 2001 into permanent, loving homes! Many of these dogs had a difficult time in their early lives, but their forever families have provided loving homes, training, and good care. In return, these happy dogs have become loyal and devoted family members. If you would like to have your own success story to share, please fill out an application to start the process for finding your own new best friend.

It is a great feeling!

Red 104-18 -- Adopted October 2018

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Hi hoomans! I'm Red! I'm about 1 or 1 and 1/2, and everyone tells me what a very handsome boy I am. I have a silky soft red coat and gorgeous piercing amber eyes. I'm playful, curious, and adorably sweet and loving. I'm a perfect size at 54 pounds. The vet says I'm probably about as big as I'll get, but I'll likely fill out with good food.

My foster parents adore me, and I've been working hard on learning some basics at my foster home. I'm very smart and teachable, and I'm motivated by treats, affection, and positive reinforcement. I LOVE belly rubs. I mean LOOOVVVVE them. I do like to learn things, and I will need a forever family who is committed to
doing training classes with me, as well as working with me at home. I want to be respectful of the rules, I just need strong leadership and a little patience as you show me what they are.

I'm still a puppy, so at times I've got a lot of energy. Zoomies in the yard or a game of tug with someone while I'm on my mat helps me. I'm learning to fetch, and that's really fun. I think I'd do best with a forever family that is pretty active; I'm agile and athletic and I might make an excellent jogging partner. I do well with other dogs, but I haven't been tested with cats. I'd do best with older kids 10 or 12+.

For now, it helps me feel safe to know that my hoomans are near. Until I feel secure, I will want to spend as much time with you as I can. I will follow you from room to room to see what you're doing, and I can settle down really nicely while you're working or watching tv. I love to lay on the couch and get petted and watch movies, that's the best part of the day. I sleep great all through the night in a dog bed in my foster parents' bedroom. If you allow it, I like to hop up on the bed and give morning cuddles.

While I'm still learning the rules, for now I'll need to be crated when you're out of the house. I'm learning how to go into the crate without getting scared, and it's getting easier every day. Treats and lots of positive reinforcement helps. Sometimes it scares me to be by myself, so a little music or tv while you're gone
helps. Jack Johnson is my favorite, but the Eagles are pretty cool too. I like Turner Classic movies, especially the musicals.

Rides in the car make me happy! I stay in the backseat and look out the window. People in other cars smile at me a lot, which makes me feel good. I do well on my walks, everything is pretty interesting, but I'm doing great at learning "with me" and "wait."

I'm going to make someone such a loyal and loving forever friend. Is it you?

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