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Tuco 14-18 -- Adopted, May 2018

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Original bio:
**Adoption Pending**
Tuco is a handsome black retriever mix with big velvety ears and a winning personality. At 7 months and 31 lbs. with a tail that is always in the proper position, not too high or too low and always wagging, he will grow into a great companion. He is good with his large and small foster siblings and he respects the resident cat.

Tuco is working on his leash manners but, off leash his recall is good, he thinks the forest is Disneyland. He loves to run and his nose is always on the ground. He will make a great hiking, running or agility partner, very attuned to his people. He is crate trained and sleeps through the night. He is fully housetrained. He is quickly learning to distinguish doggie toys from people stuff. He is a power chewer and loves big nylabones and hefty Kong toys; no plush toys for this dog! He likes to cuddle and is learning what furniture he is allowed on and what is off limits. Tuco is an alert and a quick learner.

Tuco is shy in new situations and with new people but warms up quickly. We feel a quieter home with older children or no children would make him happiest.

Right now he is not neutered but he might be by the time he finds his perfect forever home. He will need an active home with lots of exercise. He is very keen and alert and would love to have a job like agility or even obedience. Does he sound like the dog you've been searching for? He would love to meet you.