Dog Profile

Teddy 22-18 -- Adopted, February 2018

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Teddy is a 2 yr old Male golden Retriever.

He MUST have a large confident younger/adult dog in his forever home.
Teddy is a very sweet, 75lbs, 2-year old golden retriever. He is extremely shy and timid when you first meet him, but does warm up once he starts to trust you. He is leary of new people and will run away or avoid them if he is able to. Teddy is most comfortable and active outdoors as he is trying to figure out how to live and act inside of a home. He will pick up a toy or a ball and watch his siblings play, but hasn t quite figured them out yet.

He lives in a foster home with a 3 year old female Great Dane and 1 year old golden retriever. The other dogs haven t completely warmed up to him yet, but Teddy still looks to them as role models and will try to follow them around at times. He does need another large confident dog in the home to help build his confidence - preferably one that will bond with him and show him the ropes for his new life indoors.

Teddy is housebroken and has been really good on a leash despite it being a new, scary experience for him. His favorite spot indoors has been on the couch or in his humans bed. Teddy follows his humans from room to room but is nervous on hardwood floors. His foster family has strategically placed rugs around the home until he is more comfortable on hardwoods. Teddy rides well in the car but is scared to get into the vehicle.

Teddy needs a patient and understanding family that can work with him through all of these new and scary things for him. Getting him to trust you and come out of his shell won t happen over night but it will over time.