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Toby 21-18

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Toby is a 10 yr old golden retriever male.

Hi World, I'm Toby the Golden! I'm loving life here in Colorado so far. I was rescued from the Midwest - things were just so-so there and I'm looking for a fresh start with my new forever family. I am an owner surrender from the Midwest.

I'm looking forward to finding a forever Colorado family that will love me as much as I love them! I have so much love to give and love both people and dogs! Really, all I want to do is follow you around the house and be your best friend. I love getting my head patted and hanging out in my foster Dad's office while he works. I'm already house trained and
I am very well behaved. I love spending time with my foster brother (a former GRFR rescue) and sister too. My foster Dad takes me on hikes a lot and I do great. I'm 10 but I have plenty of energy to go on hikes and to the dog park. I've got young legs and love exploring. I also like quiet days around the house too and would love to just snuggle with
you while you watch a movie. What can I say, I love people! By the way, I just got professionally groomed for the first time in my life and everyone keeps saying how handsome I am! I haven't met any kids here in Colorado but my previous home in the Midwest had kids and I've grown up
around them and done fine.

My health is actually really good for my age, I'm very lucky. The vet says I don't have any major problems. I've got an appointment on March 2nd to get my teeth cleaned and to have a small lipoma removed from my right shoulder (probably benign, and also totally normal for a dog my
age to have this) and then I'll be all ready to be adopted. I will, however, need a patient family that will help me work on my food "assertiveness" issues. Yeah, I love food, what can I say? Sometimes I get so hungry that I will try to push my foster sister out of the way and eat her food. I've learned not to do that anymore and this isn't an issue for me any longer it seems. You'll have to work with me, though,
to keep reminding me that I don't have to worry about where my next meal is coming from now.

I may be 10 years old, but I feel super young and I'm ready to be your adventure or snuggle buddy for many more years!

Love, Toby