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Abby 17-18 -- Adopted, February 2018

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**Adoption Pending**
Hi Folks! It is Abby here. I am a two month old female puppy mix who is looking for my Forever Family. I have been with my foster mom and dad for almost a week now and they have told each other lots of things about me but I am really not sure what they mean. I think it must be good because they are both always smiling when they say that I am intelligent, loving, athletic, inquisitive, and eager to please. I was really excited to play in my first snow a few days ago. I think I am a true Colorado Snow Pup. I weigh about 14 pounds right now which is just the right size for leaping through the snow.
I am on a pretty good schedule now. I wake up each morning when my foster mom and dad come into the kitchen, usually around 7 am. They were both really surprised when I slept through my very first night with them without barking or crying. I then go outside right away. I have learned what it means when my foster mom says, Abby, go potty. It makes her so happy! Then I come inside for breakfast and play time. If it is not too cold outside we go out to explore. I am not afraid of anything outside and love to climb on the big rocks, go up the rock steps, and run down the hill. I am a pretty fast runner and I love to jump. After playtime it is time for my morning nap. Then I have lunch and play again. I love to play with my chewies and toys inside. After my afternoon nap, I play some more and then I have dinner around 5 pm. I am ready for bed around 7 pm. I love to cuddle before bedtime and am working on giving little puppy kisses. I now know how to sit for a treat. All in all, I think that I am a pretty easy going pup. My foster mom says that I have really good eye contact. I don t know what that means either but I do like watching everything around me. I love being with my people and think that you would love having me as part of your family. If you think so, too, let the great folks at GRFR know. Gotta go "it is snowing outside again! Love, Abby

Please remember that GRFR adopts puppies to forever families who have sufficient time at home to socialize, house train and nurture their
new puppy. Also note: puppies should not leave your yard or be exposed to any other dogs unless you are certain that such other dogs have been fully vaccinated and are older than six months. They should not go to parks or Petsmart or anywhere else until they have their last
booster shot, as they could contract a potentially lethal virus. Before taking your puppy to puppy class please discuss vaccination
requirements for various classes with your trainer or vet. Puppies often need a few dewormers and we encourage you to discuss this with your vet.