Dog Profile

Molly 12-18 -- Adopted, February 2018

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Molly, a 3-year-old retriever mix, about 65 pounds, is beautiful with her luxurious coat. She is one laid-back gal. She is incredibly affectionate and loving. She absolutely LOVES people. And she sure does not hesitate to ask for belly rubs.

She settled in shortly to her new digs.

She is house trained and sleeps soundly through the night previously in dog beds, now wanting to share the big bed with her foster parents and brothers for a short spell. That might be timed to her foster mom coming home from a trip. Amazingly her foster brothers accept this intrusion.

So far, she has indulged in doing toy box dives to retrieve an interesting toy. She thinks throw pillows qualify as toys and will pull them off furniture and gleefully toss them about. She will shortly be tested with ball retrieval.

However, it seems she hasn't had any formal training, so she will need some work in this area. She has kind of learned sit and come , if a high-value treat is involved. She is good on a leash unless she doesn't want to go where you want to go and then she puts on the brakes. If a rabbit crosses her path, she is off to the races with you in tow. But if nothing exciting is going on, she just parks herself and will not move.

Molly is great with other dogs. She and one foster bro are true buds, but something about her being in heat has something to do with this. She was incredible with a visiting puppy, being gentle and playful with him.

She rides well in the car, although right now, it takes some coaching to get her in the car. Once she associates the car with fun stuff, like going to the dog park, she will be fine.

She sure fluffs up gorgeously after a bath, being OK with the experience, but not thrilled.

Molly loves her treats of all kind, along with a can of tuna fish, cheese pieces, and whatever suits her pallet. She has a very gentle mouth. And Dog TV is a favorite, being smitten by the dogs on the screen.

She is such a sweetheart!

Once she is out of heat and is getting back to normal, she can be spayed at no additional cost, if taken to a GRFR-approved vet.

She has been proven to be fine with kids, with no history on cats, but the way she goes after squirrels and bunnies, she seems to have strong predator instincts...probably not a good prognosis for kitties.