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Lincoln 09-18 -- Adopted, February 2018

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Update from forever home 7/18:
Lincoln s new name is Nazareth shortened up to Nas. He s doing very well and has been at the light to have. Your previous foster parent can testify to how well he is doing as she babysits him whenever we leave town!

Original Adoption Bio:
**Adoption Pending**
Lincoln is a 1 1/2 yr old male Golden Retriever.

Lincoln is a super awesome dog despite a rough start to his life. He is so polite and friendly, always has a smile on his face and just wants to put his head on your lap and be next to you. He loves playing with toys-especially, the tennis ball, and is getting pretty good at fetch. He
also has a great time playing and running around with his foster brothers. He's currently a little on the thin side however his foster family says his appetite is improving and he's filling out.

Lincoln has trouble urinating on his own. We help him express his bladder (squeezing his abdomen) in the morning and night so he is comfortable. He does not leak or have any accidents when he is up during the day and
playing. We keep a diaper on him overnight and when not at home, just in case. He has no issues with #2 and the diapers don't interfere with that
part of his routine :)

Lincoln was hit by a car 8+ months ago. He is housetrained but does leak. He has been assessed by a veterinary neurologist and unfortunately the nerve damage he's suffered cannot be repaired. He is on a bladder medication that will help the bladder contract. Lincoln is currently on a cranberry supplement which is very inexpensive to help prevent bladder infections. He's also on a medication called bethanechol which is used to help stimulate bladder contractions. This medication may or may not help, it's something that will need to be monitored long term. Cost for this medication is between $30 and $60 per month depending on the pharmacy.