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Wallace 08-18 -- Adopted, March 2018

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5/29/18 update from forever family:
Thanks for checking in! Wallace goes by Wally now and he's very much settling in. He still has arthritis but I try to give him some supplements and am getting him to go on more walks to build some of his hind muscles. Although it took some time he now eats very well and I can't find a treat he doesn't like! (He especially likes some of my tuna sandwiches (Snarf's of course), pizza and any type of cheese). He's enjoying meeting new friends on our daily walks. He has recently started getting close to snuggling with me (if i sit on the floor he'll rest his head on my knee), which is very exciting for a pup that was comfortable doing his own thing for the first 2 months. He has the most adorable snores and everyone tells him what a sweet heart and gentleman he is. He also is the best navigator anyone can ask for...Please enjoy the photos and thank you for bringing us together!

Original bio:
Wallace is a very sweet and gentle senior at approximately 12 years old. He is an extremely easy-going boy that walks beautifully on a leash and gets along great with both of the dogs in his current foster home. He is house-trained and not destructive at all. Some of Wallace s favorite things include: exploring in the backyard and then coming in and piling up his blankets and taking a long nap, enjoying treats and getting his ears scratched, laying in front of the fireplace on his cozy bed (with his blankets of course).

Wallace did test positive for Heartworm and due to his age will be undergoing the "slow kill" treatment process. He will be on heartworm preventative twice a month and for the next 6 months. He'll be on a low activity regimen for those 6 months. Both the heartworm treatment and blood test after 6 months are paid for by GRFR at one of our contracted vets. Wallace's forever family will need to be sure he takes a monthly heartworm preventative year round. Some people might be leery of a dog like Wallace who has had heartworm, but there is no need to be. It is both curable and preventable.