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Zack 05-18 -- Adopted, February 2018

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Zack is doing great! He did have a problem with a tooth shortly after he got here, so we got that taken care of and he is good now. Zack has a new "sister"--Bella, the cat. It took less than a week before the two of them became buddies and now they are great friends. I've been working with Zack and he does a lot better on a leash now--I'm taking HIM for walks now! I haven't seen any symptoms relating to allergies, but then I'm very careful not to give him anything with chicken. No one believes he's 10! He seems like a young pup, even though he sleeps a lot. He seems to like the memory foam bed in front of the fireplace. He is a wonderful rider and I take him everywhere with me in the car. He has gone to visit his cousins (my sister's dogs) and has a good time running around with them, but I think he's always glad to go home at the end of the day.

**Adoption Pending**
My name is Zack and I love people. I may be a senior in age (9 years) but I still have enough energy to keep up with my humans. I get along with other dogs, even older dogs. I love going for walks but I need a harness. I love to
sleep a lot next to my foster mom. I follow her around the house to make sure I do not miss out on anything going on. I am highly allergic to
poultry but I enjoy all sorts of treats and good food that does not have chicken in it.

Zack is VERY allergic to chicken, he will need a home that will be VERY careful with food and treats. Because of his chicken allergy a home with older kids that understand the allergy or no kids for his safety.