Dog Profile

Bear 04-18 -- Adopted, May 2018

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Meet Bear! Bear is a very, very sweet boy who came from Kansas. He has had a rough life, but is a happy boy! Luckily GRFR stepped in to help this sweet boy! He weighs 55 pounds. We are not sure exactly how old Bear is except he is a senior. Probably around the age of 12.

Bear isn't very fuzzy, he has little fur on his back half of his body most likely due to poor nutrition. He was very thin but has steadily gained weight. He has a few lumps and bumps. He is doing much better now, but he will need monthly heart-worm medication, a prescription for arthritis, and is on a inexpensive medicine for his skin.

Bear has some anxiety but has significantly improved over the last six weeks that we have had him. He cannot be in a crate or he panics. At night he has woken us up for petting and reassurance. After petting him for a few minutes he lays back down and goes to sleep.

Bear is a companion dog and wants to be by your side at all times. He loves to go for short walks. He loves to be petted and likes to bury his head into you. He is very well behaved and has a sweet disposition. He is quite a talker! He cries, grunts, whines and howls to communicate, although rarely barks. He doesn't seem to be afraid. He is super cute when he smiles, it comes from the inside. He sleeps on a dog bed next to his foster parents bed. He is a happy boy and his tail is always wagging. Bear will need someone who wants a companion dog and has the time to give him the love and attention he needs. He is a real sweetheart and will be a wonderful addition to a family! Can you give this sweet senior a loving home?

Bear did test positive for heartworm and due to his age will be undergoing the "slow kill" treatment process. He will be on heartworm preventative twice a month and for the next 6 months. He'll be on a low activity regimen for those 6 months. Both the heartworm treatment and blood test after 6 months are paid for by GRFR at one of our contracted vets. Bear's forever family will need to be sure he takes a monthly heartworm preventative year round. Some people might be leery of a dog like Bear who has had heartworm, but there is no need to be. It is both curable and preventable.