Dog Profile

Rena 02-18 -- Adopted, January 2018

Rena picture 1 Rena picture 2 Rena picture 3

Lucy (Rena) is doing great! We absolutely love her to pieces.Sonny is a wonderful, high energy wild boy. Lucy has been good for him. She is more calm and a bit older and a Pyrenees mix opposed to the lab mix he is. HA!

If you are looking for a furry love bug, Rena Puppy is it! And don t let all that fluff fool you. This 18-month-old, spayed, Great Pyrenees mix actually weighs 66 pounds. After a bath, which she seemed to really take to, she became much fluffier, more so than a sheep-skinned rug.

Rena at first was a bit shy. After a short time, she blossomed. She just loves being with her pack and her humans. She pads quietly around the house to keep up with the action.

Her foster brothers are almost always snarky when a new foster arrives, but not this time. She was welcomed. No "reading" her the rules and the pecking order. She interprets and responds appropriately to cues from them.

She will hold your gaze for a long time, and you can almost see the depth of her soul through those big brown eyes.

As with the Great Pyrenees breed, Rena has a wonderful temperament, so sweet, affectionate, and she freely offers herself to receive lots of loving and scratches. She should do well with older children (probably age 8 and up " see below*.)

She has shown to be very playful with another playful dog.

She does great on car rides, sitting quietly and savoring the moment. She walks well on the leash. She loves property walks when she gets to sniff all the amazing outdoor scents even somewhat ignoring treasured treats, and now can do them off-leash, responding well to recall.

And she LOVES dog parks and is an excellent dog citizen while there.

Rena came as pretty much a blank slate. She is now doing a slow sit for treats, almost as if she were a sloth. So, she really needs some training, which will also bond her to you even more. Great Pyrs can be very stubborn.

She has down the potty training routine and is perfect in free roam " not destructive at all.

What does Rena love? Affection for sure. Cheese, canned tuna, and bully sticks/rawhides.

She has just discovered the toy box and squeaky toys " what joy.