Dog Profile

Fergus 162-17

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Fergus is a 10 month old male mix. He is good with cats, dogs, and kids. He loves belly rubs and giving kisses. Fergus is working on basic commands and would need someone who could reinforce everything he has learned! He is very smart and a fast learner. He is crate trained and house trained.

Fergus is very playful and has lots of puppy energy! He is always ready to go run around, hike, play fetch, or anything else you can think of!

Fergus was hit by a car two months ago and hurt his front left leg. The vet says it has fully healed and is nothing to worry about at this point. He would just have a higher chance of arthritis in the joint when he is older. He does not complain about it at all now and you would never know with the way he runs!

Fergus is almost ready to give someone all his love and puppy kisses! He just needs to be neutered soon and then would love to meet you!