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Jake 161-17 -- Adopted, January 2018

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Jake is doing great.
With a trainer's help, we are working through some aggression toward other dogs when we walk, but he is otherwise marvelous.

**Adoption Pending**
Hi! I'm Jake, I'm a 7 year old, 60lb human-loving Golden, however I am unique in that I really need to be an only dog in the home, I don't like competing for food and like having the luxury of not having to eat it all in one sitting and coming back to it later on. I also really seem to love men so having one in the household would be great!

My foster mom says that I am going to need someone confident and willing to continue
my training as I need to brush up on my manners with other dogs around. I don't care for puppies or smaller dogs (I am an older gent with little tolerance for their temperaments) so my exposure to them should be controlled (on-leash) and monitored. I am good on walks but need reminding to ignore other dogs when they bark at me or
approach me.

I am a pretty active dog and a lover of squeaky toys and will lay carnage to any that are not sturdy enough to withstand my rough play (my foster mom says the Fluff & Tuff toys are the best). I discern between indoor and outdoor toys, so I require a stockpile of toys for both areas, plushy squeaky toys for indoor play and sturdy squeaky vinyl toys for outdoors. My favorite indoor toy is Harriet the Hedgehog and
my favorite outdoor toy is a large, spiky vinyl squeaky ball that bounces around when tossed and I have great fun chasing it around the yard and playing a bit of soccer with it. My foster says it is the most adorable thing that she has ever seen. I say I am just a sports-loving dude. Oh, and as with my food, I like to make sure
that all of my toys are right where I left them. When my foster mom puts them all in the toy box, I take them all out immediately and count them just to be sure that they are all there and she didn't take any.

My idea of fetch is running to get the toy, coming back and flopping on my belly for
rubs and playing keep-away until I am ready for my human to throw it again. Sometimes I also like to tease the human and make them come to me to rub my belly and retrieve the toy so that they can throw it for me again.

No one knows what happened to me, but my left knee has a partial tear in the meniscus that could potentially need surgery but we don't know for sure. My new furever home could pursue a brace for it as well. I will need to be on a regimen of Glyco-Flex the rest of my life to help prevent arthritis in my knee as well so I can
continue to run, fetch and play with my human. I know it's a lot, but I am a special guy needing a special home to also help take care of me. Are you that special someone?