Dog Profile

Baxter 158-17

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Baxter is a sweetheart of a gentle giant, about 4 years old, and neutered. Not only is he extremely handsome, he has the laid-back personality of a Golden. He has great eye contact and makes the cutest little noises when he's happy, sort of a "dog purr." He loves pets and affection, often snuggling with his humans. He gets along very well with his 3 foster siblings but he can otherwise be choosy about other dogs, so he may not be a good candidate for dog parks. He likes to gently play with the fosters and settles well afterward. He sleeps through the night, is house-trained, and is safe with free rein of the house at all times. He knows sit and stay, but needs some training on leash. History with children and cats is unknown, but otherwise you won't find better, easier canine company.

Baxter arrived with a diagnosis of heartworm and has been through treatment. He will need to refrain for a couple more weeks from play or extreme excitement that may get his heart rate up, and will then be good as new with monthly heartworm preventative in the future.

Baxter did test positive for Heartworm and has been treated.. He will have a no activity requirement for 30 days after treatment. He'll be on a low activity regimen for the next 5 months after that. Both the heartworm treatment and blood test after 6 months are paid for by GRFR at one of our contracted vets. Baxter's forever family will need to be sure he takes a monthly heartworm preventative year round. Some people might be leery of a dog like Baxter who has had heartworm, but there is no need to be. It is both curable and preventable.