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Midnight 152-17 -- Adopted, January 2018

Midnight picture 2 Midnight picture 1

**Adoption Pending**
Midnight is a 16 week old (as of 12/21) Male Mix

He has just arrived and will be assessed.

Please remember that GRFR adopts puppies to forever families who have sufficient time at home to socialize, house train and nurture their
new puppy. Also note: puppies should not leave your yard or be exposed to any other dogs unless you are certain that such other dogs have been fully vaccinated and are older than six months. They should not go to parks or Petsmart or anywhere else until they have their last
booster shot, as they could contract a potentially lethal virus. Before taking your puppy to puppy class please discuss vaccination
requirements for various classes with your trainer or vet. Puppies often need a few dewormers and we encourage you to discuss this with your vet.