Dog Profile

Lola 129-17 -- Adopted, February 2018

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Meet Lola. Lola is an amazing 4 year old mix. She has a heart of gold and protects her flock. Lola is a bit of a mystery on where she came from. Over the time of getting to know her, Lola will be a wonderful family dog. There are some specifics that need to be understood with her. Lola must have a home with other dogs. Lola will do better with a pack where she can play and have company. She has a history of separation anxiety which she is taking homeopathic remedies for when the meds did not work. It is preferable that someone be home with her and not be left alone for long periods of time and crates are not her friend right now. Being a Golden/Pyrenees mix, Lola will do better when she has a job to do. Chasing deer is her favorite and she can be a
jumper as well, and a higher fence is recommended. A leash is a work in progress,
but we are working on that as well. Lola is also a counter surfer so if you leave food out, leave for a bit, expect it gone.

Lola will need work and more training, and she is worth every bit of time invested! She is an absolute love, she cuddles and plays and so much wants to be a part of a loving family.

Lola MUST have a home with another large dog and someone home during the day. She also will need a 6ft fence.

She is great with other dogs, cats and kids.