Dog Profile

Henry 116-17 -- Adopted, January 2018

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**Adoption Pending**
Henry is an adorable 1 year old male mix. He is a petite little guy at about 40 pounds so would be wonderful with a family that wants a smaller dog.

This little pup is ready to be adopted to a forever home that has 6-foot fencing and MUST have another playful dog .
His initial shyness went away pretty much after being in his foster home for a few days but is still shy when introduced to new people and things.

Henry is still learning to respond well to commands, but remains faithfully by your side, confident in his surroundings. Henry just knows what you want but he will need continued training. If you sit, he sits or lies down next to you. When you walk, he walks by your side allowing proper spacing.

He loves playing with his foster brothers and does not really understand what a cat is. He barks at the cat from a distance, but no charging or showing aggression so would probably be ok with a cat in the home with proper time to get use to each other.

He sleeps all night in one of the dog beds and appears to be fully house trained. He walks well on a leash and is really curious about his surroundings. I have not noticed any aggression with this sweet guy! Once he gets to know you he just loves belly rubs and big stretches and when he relaxes he likes to clean his face and legs.

Henry will need to have a playmate in his forever home as this guy is a fun loving pup and very sweet to other pups.

If your family is looking for a friendly retriever mix that is always happy, then Henry could be a great fit.